Kingdom 642 Raw, Kingdom chapter 642 Spoilers and Release date

Hello and welcome! Below you will read about the current chapter of Kingdom, and read a brief prediction of what is to come in kingdom chapter 642. The post will include heavy spoilers, so proceed with caution. Enjoy!

Kingdom Chapter 641 Discussion (Recap):

Now that the war against Southern Zhao is over. the Hi Shin Unit has returned back to Kanyou. Their return certainly did not go unnoticed. In Kingdom 641 The entire unit was celebrated as large crowds cheered for their accomplishments. The cheering wasn’t even exclusively for Shin or his commanders, as even the foot soldiers were lauded as well. Of all the Hi Shin Unit men, Sosui seems to be the most popular with the ladies! Good for him.

Soon after their arrival into the capital in Kingdom 641, Shin decides to go home. However, he does not go home alone, instead taking his unit with him. Upon first arriving to his shack, his troops are mortified to learn that he lives there. Shin explains that he is excited about the work that Denyuu’s carpenters have done to his home. To his great shock, Denyuu explains that his boys didn’t even touch his shack, and instead built him a grand mansion located a stones throw away from that shack. The mansion is absolutely massive, and is big enough to fit not just his entire unit, but their families as well. From there a giant party ensues.

During the party, Shin learns that he is to be summoned by Sei. While many believe that this is when he will finally be promoted to general, Garo offers his usual pessimism. Garo says that he will not be promoted upon his visit with Sei for two reasons. The first is that neither Ousen, Kanki, or Yotanwa have come back to Qin, so the award ceremony couldn’t take place until that happens. The second reason is that Shin does not have a family name. This meant that Shin would permanently stay at the 5000 man commander rank, as others before him.

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Finally, we see Shin and Ten meet up with Sei and Shou Bun Kun at the palace. Shin learns that he does in fact need a family name to be promoted. Fortunately, Sei allows him to pick his own family name. Unsurprisingly, Shin cannot think of a good name, and first thinks it be appropriate to take the name El like Sei, but is flatly denied. It isn’t until after listening to a story about how Hyou was allowed to pick a family name, where Shin decides to use the same name. Shin’s new name is Ri Shin! He will now be able to be promoted to general.

Kingdom Chapter 642 Predictions:

kingdom Chapter 642 will be the award ceremony. Therefore we should expect that Ousen, Kanki, Yotanwa, Heki, Mouten, and Ouhon will all have returned to Kanyou and are in attendance. Of the people being promoted in the award ceremony, Ousen, Kanki, and Yotanwa should receive the highest honors. Ousen and Kanki should be promoted to Great General. Yotanwa is already considered to be a Great General and currently holds the 5th highest nobility rank. Therefore, she may be elevated to a higher nobility status in Kingdom 642. Heki will likely obtain more troops and nobility as well.

Next we should see that all three of Mouten, Ouhon, and Rishin are promoted to generals. Although, other commanders in the respective armies have made major contributions in the war (Kyou Kai, Tan, Feego King, Akkakin, Shi Ryou), I do not expect them to get shout outs in the award ceremony. I do expect them to be promoted though, but it will most likely be off screened, and we will find out at a later date.

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Kingdom Chapter 642 Raw and Release date :

Unfortunately, Kingdom will not return until June. So kingdom chapter 642 is expected to be released on Thursday 4th June. and fans will be able to discuss kingdom 642 on Reddit and other social platforms. You can find the chapter on, for the best quality translation. Although Kingdom is not currently published in English, please support Hara-sensei when it is. don’t forget to check our latest posts: Kimetsu no Yaiba 204 & My hero academia 270

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