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Ey up guys, Here we go again to discuss Black clover chapter 253 Spoilers Raw scan release date are given below. Please be aware that the post contains spoilers about the latest chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 252 Discussion:

It felt like for a short chapter there was a lot to take in this time. Not that that’s a bad thing obviously. First off Noelle goes straight in with her biggest attack, Sea Dragon’s Roar, and we find out Vanica’s affinity is Blood Magic. Mimosa then takes on the Disciple alone, and seems to be holding her own. Then we found out just how powerful the Dark Triad truly are; they can wield their own magic affinity and that of their Devil, with Megicula’s affinity being Curse Warding Magic.

Vanica is an interesting personality, when facing opponents she deems worthy like Loropechika and Undine she has an almost childlike glee to her demeanour. Yet when talking to Noelle she’s almost apathetic towards her, totally disinterested. Loro then goes into something of an Avatar Mode, where she internally searches through the memories of previous Heart Kingdom Princesses who have made their contract with Undine before her, to search for clues to what the Triad may be exactly planning. We don’t get the exact answer but clearly shitstorms of the gigantic degree would ensue should they get their way. It seems Vanica doesn’t care about most of the citizens dying as long as she gets to fight the strong ones left over. So Loro goes all out and unleashes (possibly) her final move; Ludic Sanctuary, basically a gigantic lake’s worth of water floating in their air. It’s awesome, in case that wasn’t obvious. Then we get Noelle’s newest take on Valkyrie Dress, the Mermaid Form.

So this was awesome to go through, so much to go through. The Mermaid Form is obviously built precisely for underwater battles, and seeing as it’s a mixture of her own and Loro’s water she’s clearly putting that training to good use here. As we now know the Triad can use two types of magic it explains a little more how William was seemingly so easily annihilated by Zenon, dude must’ve popped out a second magic affinity when weren’t looking………ok that may be headcanon territory now.

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Black clover chapter 253

Black Clover Chapter 253 Predictions:

in Terms of Black Clover 253 : So given what we already know of the Triad’s plans along with what we’ve found out this time…….I suspect by unlocking the gates between Realms and letting Demons into our world, a lot of citizens would die……well that was obvious but I mean I think the Demons will take over their bodies and thus by doing so kill them. And only the strong will survive……so those strongest to handle Demons within their bodies would be my guess. Also given the images of people literally losing their heads may help support this…..

Loro being able to go into the memories of previous Water Spirit Hosts will come back I’m sure, probably to find out some of the keys to whatever the truth behind this Saga and story altogether in some way. Given the look Vanica made in the last page, she’s clearly about to unleash something new and likely deadly in the next chapter. And seeing as Dante’s fight with Yami is ongoing and we have yet to see his second magic affinity……I think Yami may be about to get his ass whooped too.

Black Clover 253 Raw and where to read online:

Black clover manga is featured on MangaPlus and Black Clover chapter 253 should be available on 7 June 2020 as there is a break for Weekly Shonen Jump next week, Black clover 251 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 252 can be found here

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