My Hero Academia 273: The Quirk Singularity Theory, Deku and the endgame!

What’s up guys? My Hero Academia 272 dropped this week and we saw the story experiencing some paradigm-shifting moments due to Shigaraki’s awakening. Towards the end of the Chapter we see Deku using Air Force(with OFA at 45 per cent) to counter the decay. As we wait for Chapter 273, let’s talk about Deku’s power, OFA’s future and the famous quirk singularity theory and what it means for the manga’s end!

OFA, is the one quirk that AFO dearly wanted and could not acquire. It was a quirk that was passed on across 9 different generations to protect it. Now that the quirk is with our protagonist Izuku Midoriya, it is undergoing a change that gives Deku access to powers that the previous users never had. The quirk which is a combination of both the transfer quirk and the stockpiling quirk is over flowing due to power accumulated within it. This causes Deku to access the quirks of the previous users and use their much more powerful versions. Often times, the sudden usage of the quirks is not something Deku’s body can handle and leaves him in pain like the instance of how he used Blackwhip for the first time, couldn’t control it and was left screeching in pain. As we have reached BNHA 273, Deku has still not shown to ‘unlock’ any quirk other than Blackwhip. Readers speculate that the next quirk he would unlock would be Float, Nana Shimura’s quirk and it will be in response to Shigaraki’s decay. So why is that Deku is able to unlock more powerful versions of the quirks?

my hero academia chapter 273

One answer: Quirk Singularity Theory. If you haven’t heard of this popular theory, it’s a theory postulated by none other than everyone’s favorite immortal doctor, Ujiko which says that quirks become stronger with every passing generation ultimately reaching a point where the user can’t wield it. Doesn’t this sound awfully similar to Deku being unable to control Blackwhip initially? The quirk singularity theory, in the My Hero Academia universe, was not believed and was widely considered a conspiracy theory. But the manga specifically has instances where this theory is indicated to be true including Deku’s Blackwhip moment, the various times he gets injured while using OFA and also Todorki and Bakugo dealing with kids who possessed powerful quirks during the Hero License Training arc. As we saw, the manga hints at this theory being true even though it’s considered garbage in the universe. But why? Because it might play a key role in the story and even influence how it ends.


With the Quirk Singularity Theory almost confirmed to be true, what would it really mean for OFA? It simply means that Deku is the last holder of the OFA. Yes. This is a very probable theory since OFA is already starting to overflow it’s capacity. Deku was barely able to control Blackwhip the first time. And his hands are said to pain when he uses Blackwhip. Deku’s body gets seriously damaged most of the times he uses OFA. This clearly indicates that OFA has reached a point where it cannot be wielded by the user without it hurting them. Which means that the next user would probably not be able to wield it at all! Deku being the 9th user also ties in with how 9 indicates completeness and eternity in Chinese mythology.

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And what does the theory have to do with the future of My Hero Academia? It means that quirks could very easily be erased from existence so that the users are not hurt/killed due to them. In fact many readers speculate that the manga could very well end with the eradication of quirks as a result of the extent of danger quirks possess to humanity which would be proven after maybe a fall of the hero society. The government realizing the danger of the quirks and how quirks cause a sort of divide in society with quirkless people being mocked and bullied might call for the eradication of quirks. And how will that be brought about? With Overhaul’s quirk erasing bullets that are in Shigaraki’s possession! This aspect of the theory would be a stretch but it’s still not improbable!


My Hero Academia 273 could be the most anticipated chapter in the manga’s history as it will show us what happened to the pro heroes who were at the hospital. Did they survive or are they all dust? Will Deku’s Air Force work in preventing the decay spread? As for the heroes, I doubt that the likes of Endeavor and Aizawa who have arcs to be completed are dead whereas heroes like Thirteen and Pixie Bob could have bitten the dust. Wash’s status is also doubtful. As of now, there are very few quirks that can counter Shigaraki’s decay. On top of that he also has a multitude of other quirks including AFO.

So it won’t be unfair if Deku’s Air Force can stop the spread of the decay atleast to buy some time for everyone to escape. Shigaraki is depicted as an all powerful being. It’s predictable that he will cause the hero society to fall while Deku and the other students maybe forced into hiding, now that atleast 4 of the top 10 are out of commission and numerous others are injured.


My Hero Academia 273 could also focus on the PLF mansion where the last thing we saw was Gigantomachia waking up. Since Shigaraki has also woken up, Machia could receive orders to crush all the heroes gathered there. It will he truly interesting to see where BNHA 273 takes the story.

My Hero Academia 273 will release on the 31st May!

So what do you guys think of the quirk singularity theory? Do you think Deku is the last holder of OFA? What do you think will happen to quirks in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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