My hero academia chapter 273 Spoilers, Bnha 273 Raw

Hey guys!! Here we go again to discuss My hero academia chapter 273, Raw scans and Discussion are given below. This post will contain HEAVY spoilers for this Chapter, so please turn back here if you need to catch up first.

My hero Academia chapter 272 Discussion:

My hero academia chapter 272 begins with heroes evacuating the local residents around the hospital, they expect this fight to spill out into the city and demolish it all, most likely a precaution whilst remembering Kamina city. A very THICC burnin is leading the way out for the civilians, and we get to see that the students of class 2-A are doing, well away from the combat (for now) also aiding with civilian safety

In the midst of all this, we see Midoriya, who hasn’t featured too much these last few chapters. He’s involved in evacuation, but suddenly he stops, the words of the first one for all echoing in his head, “He’s coming”. Of course we all know who this is referring to, Shigiraki return is imminent, and Deku is going to be the only one who can stop him. Deku and the first one for all continue with the short conversation, where Deku is horrified to hear that Shigi is more powerful then ever.

After this the pace picks up considerably, very little dialogue occurs as Shigi is now fully concious. He immediately wrecks havoc, the hospital is demolished much to the Dr’s delight as he spots Shigis signature cracks from his rot quirk, which almost kills Mic who was escorting the Dr presumably to be arrested. Luckily Gran Torino has his jet quirk which means he can simply fly over the rot and not be affected, but he is alarmed to see that Shigis quirk is no longer limited to things which he directly touches, now it seems it can spread considerably far, although a range is yet to be established I assume in line with how quirks work in this story there will be one.

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Now i’ll take a moment to comment that I hope that power creep doesn’t appear in this story. One of the things that many Shounen fans hate is that the classic stories all suddenly ramp up the power levels where it starts off with melee range power then all of a sudden they have planet destruction abilities. The quirk limitations actually brought a lot of people to this story, where we got to see a slightly more creative way of using powers and see how the various individuals get around their limitations to make the most of their quirks. If we suddenly start having OP powers it will turn off a lot of people in the fandom, and I hope that this story doesn’t fall into the pit that has plagued so many of it’s predecessors.

Anyway, back to the story, as the hospital is literally being disintegrated the heros are desperately trying to get out, but most of them are quite deep in the building which means there will be causalities, the first we see is Crust, the new number 6 hero who promptly turns to dust as in his last moments he saves Aisawas life, who had a disintegrating Nomu latched onto his ankle before Crust severs it with his shield. RIP Crust, you went out a hero, smiling ala All Might and even gave a cheeky thumbs up before his demise.

The rest of Bnha 272 we see the heroes fleeing, and then the Dr gives us a chilling monologue, alluding to the end of the heroes era as Shigi is here, he is about to demolish the system the heroes have so carefully preserved for so long.

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The last few panels show Deku at 45% booting the incoming rot away, or attempting to buy time for the people outside to get away, the fate of who survived and who didn’t is unknown at this time, but confirmed deaths include Crust, and X-less, who was right next to Shigi before his attack. Shigi is seen with X-less’s cape, so he’s probably a gonner. The chapter ends on a cliffhanger with THICC girl Burnin searching for endevor, the last we saw of him was him trying to get out with bunny girl so we shall see if he actually made it or not.

My hero Academia chapter 273 Predictions:

in terms of My hero academia 273: Well with Shigi only just woken up and absolutely wrecking havoc the next few chapters will be mayhem, Giga and Redestro haven’t even gotten started and the heroes are on the backfoot, it could be a disaster. Some people are already predicting that the heroes will be annihilated and the entire UA will be moved to America or relocated elsewhere, only time will tell.

One thing I know for sure, this arc is going to get wild, Deku and his class better mature up asap because Shigiraki is probably at 75% right now and Deku hasn’t even fully mastered one quirk yet so he’s not going to be able to touch Shigi anytime soon. The world needs All might more than ever, there is nobody that can replace him, and Deku isn’t ready to step up to the plate yet, which isn’t his fault but the current hero lineup is just too weak compared to the sheer power of the villains.

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Deku needs to master Nanas float quirk quickly, as the only people who are safe from Shigis direct attacks are those who can levitate.

My hero Academia Chapter 273 release date:

Bnha Chapter 273 is set to drop on the 31st May which can be read on Jumps official platform, Mangadex. This Manga runs on a weekly schedule meaning that new chapters are released once every week and are 7 days apart. until that date, you can check our latest posts: One piece 981

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 273 Raw:

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