Dr stone 152 Spoilers, Dr Stone manga chapter 152 Raw

Hi, welcome to my analysis of Dr stone chapter 152, where I will talk about what happened in the latest chapter and make some predictions. If you haven’t caught up with the latest chapters then please do as this post contains spoilers

Dr. Stone Chapter 151 Discussion (Recap):

Dr Stone 151 begins with Kohaku spotting some corn stuck on the bottom of the plane, confirming to the group that the Americans are mass producing corn. With this in mind, Senku has to find the location of this corn otherwise the entire trip would be a waste.

Much to Gens chagrin, he is selected alongside Chrome and Kohaku to pursue the mystery pilot to wherever their base is, but Gen soon realises the enemy is quite high level, they were luring the pursing team to a place of their own choosing, so he gets Kohaku and Chrome to hang back as he volunteers to walk into the trap.

After Gen runs into the pilot, he is brought to the enemy base where he gets to see a lot of the surroundings, which include a source of freshwater, boats, large fields and finally a dystopian castle fitted with metal work. We also see cattle grazing and a tractor ploughing fields. All this shows is that the American society is very advanced compared to the Senkus group.

The pilot takes Gen straight to America scientist, who is called Xeno (hm), whilst the sexy pilot everyone seems to have fallen in love with is a trap called stanley, a military man who is under Xenos employment. Xeno dunks three of Gens legs into a saltwater solution and starts questioning him, Gen realising what this was when Xeno starts touching Gens neck as he is answering, and also spots a machine with dials which leads him to deduce that this is some similar to a polygraph test. Gen instantly riles up, this challenge seems insulting to him, an elite mentalist can’t be beaten by a simple polygraph test surely.

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The questioning continues with Gen easily bettering the machine, so easily that is starts to make Xeno specific that either he really is an idiot, or he’s the greatest liar the world has ever seen. This continues till Xeno asks for the identity of the Japanese scientist, which Gen realises there’s no way he can give up so easily, if something happened to the top scientist the entire kingdom would collapse, therefore Gen needs to sacrifice someone else to play the role of the scientist whilst Senku stays safe.

He chooses Taiju, who is the dumbest person on the team, but one of the sturdiest to take the fall, and names him as the kingdoms most intellectual scientist. Whether this is believed is to be seen, but for now Taiju is in the scope.

Dr. Stone Chapter 152 Predictions:

in terms of Dr Stone Chapter 152: Xeno will eventually want to have a face to face meeting with Taiju no doubt to gauge if Taiju really is the scientist, and also how smart he is if he was. This will lead to an interesting showdown, would Taiju be able to adlib he is that smart scientist that got Japanese people all the way to America?

Whatever the case, we know for sure that the American group will eventually become allies with the Japanese group and share their resources which will speed up senkus plan to get to the moon, as they seem to have industrialised heavily and have a good foundation to build the springboard that senkus would otherwise waste a lot of time developing up to by himself

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Dr. Stone Chapter 152 Release date:

Dr Stone 152 is scheduled for the 31th May, You can read Dr Stone manga chapter 151 on Viz or on the official website of Shueisha. Till that date read our latest posts: One piece 981 & My hero academia 272.We highly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial illegal website. Please consider supporting the creator by purchasing the manga when it’s available.

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