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Ey up guys, Here we go again to discuss Black clover chapter 252 Spoilers Raw scan release date are given below. Please be aware that the post contains spoilers about the latest chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 251 Discussion:

So this starts with a colour cover of Charmy as Little Red Riding Hood……did Tabata read my post from last week and get an idea? Doubt it but I can dream. Also Asta in the background as the Woodcutter is great. So Gadja is taking down the last Dark Disciple. Then another entering Heart Queen Loropechika’s lookout/hideout/whatever they called it…….before getting one-shotted by Mimosa. Mimosa is a character I always worry will end up becoming a damsel in distress but thank god that hasn’t happened, and she gets to look badass in this chapter. But then we finally get to the final boss herself, last of the Dark Triad to make a move, Vanica herself. And she reveals a secret about her Disciples; her power allows her to revive them as many times as she pleases, meaning everyone else is kind of stuck until she is defeated.

So we’re getting the boss battle now, with Noelle and Mimosa taking on the Dark Disciple with Tongue magic and a Doh-ho-ho laugh……now headcanon, Tabata made this guy as a fusion of Lickitung and Homer Simpson. So Vanica enters and is rather chipper for someone who just invaded another country. It seems this is not the first time Vanica has been, as she states coming previously to curse Loro on Megicula’s half…’s hard to guess exactly what that means, perhaps Megicula planned this all along, or had some vendetta with Loro or the Heart Kingdom. The way it’s written comes off as suggesting Vanica didn’t really care about placing the curse last time she came here, in an apathetic way perhaps? Maybe she was still getting used to Megicula’s power.

Whatever it is I feel we’ll know soon enough anyway. She states she sent her Disciples out to attack the civilians to rile up Loro so she’d be more “into the fight.” Angering your enemy for a fight…….she is clearly confident in her skills to do so. The Disciples prepare to attack once more, Charmy, Luck and Leo prepare to fight again and surprisingly Vanica seems almost bored with the Disciples declarations of battle. Not sure what to make of that but I like it.

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One thing that’s had fans complaining was how it felt like the Spirit Guardians were used just to be beaten and the heroes were winning too easily. But now we know the Disciples can be resurrected/rejuvenated, it doesn’t seem so bad. Now we know they didn’t just lose to prop up the heroes, but through more “legitimate” means. I didn’t mind as people kicked off about the Noelle, Mimosa and Loro bath scene as just lewd fanservice until the official chapter aired and it turned out to be an actual relevant bonding moment for the trio. Just like this, people kicking off too early. So I somewhat rolled my eyes at all of it to be honest. Vanica is certainly interesting, though there’s still not enough to truly nail down her character yet (it’s only been one chapter to be fair). But I look forward to the rest of this fight nonetheless.

Black clover chapter 252

Black Clover Chapter 252 Predictions:

At the end of this chapter it appeared that Loro was undergoing a transformation sequence. So we’ll get the beginning of this battle for sure in Black clover 252, and we’ll see the others carry on their fights. I think we’ll only see brief snippets of each, and they’ll likely be starting to lose ther battles as they only have so much stamina whereas the Disciples have seemingly bountiful amounts due to their combined spell. So Loro vs Vanica will be the main focus I’m sure so we should be in for some insane displays of power now. I’m just as intrigued as to what the battle between Noelle and Mimosa with the Tongue Disciple will be, if that guy can break through solid rock with just his tongue it’s certainly going to pack a punch. Plus he seems like a bit of a creep so his defeat may be even more satisfying.

Honestly there’s not much to add, we know everything that’s going to happen next chapter. Eh it’ll all be fun anyway.

Black Clover 252 Raw and where to read online:

Black clover manga is featured on MangaPlus and Black Clover chapter 251 should be available on 24 May 2020 as there is a break for Weekly Shonen Jump next week, Black clover 251 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 250 can be found Here.

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