Dr. Stone Chapter 147 Spoilers, Raw Scans and Discussion

Hi guys, welcome to my analysis of the latest Dr. Stone chapter. This post will discuss Dr. Stone chapter 147 spoilers and Raw scans release date. so please make sure you have caught up with the latest chapters before reading further.

Dr. Stone Chapter 146 Discussion (Recap):

Last week, we had a pretty light-hearted chapter where the crew went about some shenanigans with Francois’s bar where she made a lot of drinks for the group. This chapter, we pick up right from there, where the lack of alcohol was highlighted to much of the crew’s chagrin. So Senku, Chrome and Kohaku dive right into the action, with them working together to form yeast, then add some hops which made some beer. Now the crew can stay merry for the remainder of the trip to America, for long journeys it’s important to keep the crew morale high and maintain the hierarchy.

After this, we get to the interesting part, where the chapter turns to a bit more historical world building. We get a flashback from Matsukaze showing his memories of life before Senku arrived. The petrification device that we all are desperate to know so much about, is the star of this show, where it’s revealed that at one point there were actually multiple devices which many people had access to. Predictably, this was not such a good thing, as Matsukaze remembers what seems to be a civil war on the island, where everyone was petrifying everyone else to gain superiority on the island. Matzus leader, the Gin doppleganger orders for as many devices to be destroyed as they possibly can, and tragically during the struggles is dealt a fatal wound when Matzu tries to stop him from being petrified.

This actions shows us that the islanders were unaware of how the device worked, they are shown in panels to call the voice commands “incantations”, so they most likely discovered how to use the device via trial and error, and more importantly it shows that there is no known connection between the people who built the device and the mysterious creators.

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Lord Gins next words sound ominous, what he deduces on his deathbed is that the devices are not divine retribution from the heavens but man made weapons, and it’s almost as if these devices are some form of social experiment, designed to test how humans would react if they were given powers.

After Lord Gin dies, Matzusake is surrounded by enemy forces which he single handedly massacres, the grief of his Lords death turning him a raging beast, one almost comparable to Tsukasas strength. After this, he resigns his fate to being petrified, so that in the future to come he can spread the word of these atrocious devices to someone who may be able to save humanity.

As we return from the flashback, to dispel the darkness, Francious presents Matzu with a matcha beer, where predictably it turns out he’s a lightweight and gets dead drunk of beer foam. In his drunk state, he challenges Tsukasa to some training, and we are shown that Tsukasa request Hyogas unpetrification so he can train the crew in weapons. However Hyoga has a request of his own, two statues of his choice to be unpetrified Homura and Mozu.

The chapter ends with Gin and Jinro training away from everyone else, gins cowardice shows us some brotherly affection that Gin and Jin have towards one another.

Dr. Stone Chapter 147 Predictions:

in terms of Dr. Stone chapter 147, We got the chance to see the group assemble a fighting force which includes Tsukauas, Hyoga, Kohaku, Homura, and Mozu there probably will be some sort of strength ranking competition. More preparations will probably be needed for the eventual arrival to America, perhaps we will see some more guns/weapons being produced, or some form or protective clothing to deal with the American terrain. Depending on what part of America they go to, the topography could range from flatlands to hills/mountains which will require some special equipment.

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I think we will also some team co-ordination from our elite fighting group, training exercises may come up in the forthcoming chapters as of course senkus science is going to be back. We haven’t seen much of it, doing bits and pieces in the bar so i’m sure he will do some crazy lab stuff soon.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 147 Release date:

The next chapter of Dr. Stone is forecasted for the 12th of April 2020. You can find it on the official manga plus website, with the raws being released a couple of days prior. Previous chapters can be found on this site.

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