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Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Dr Stone 159 and Dr stone chapter 159 raw as well as a recap of the most recent chapter. Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Dr Stone Chapter 158 Discussion (Recap):

Senku confirms his relationship to Xeno for us to see, then we have a flashback to Xenos team of elite scientists waking up from the petrification, and that one scientist swallowd his ring which was made from platinum, which means that Xeno has all the ingredients for the de petrification potion in his grasp. It also explains how Xenos group were able to create such an advanced kingdom is such a short amount of time, Xeno has the knowledge of some of the brightest minds in the world collaborating to create something out of virtually nothing.

Xeno very quickly establishes a kingdom where he avoids a scenario in which Senku found himself in, where Brawns threatened to rule over the world with a literal iron fist, but Xeno was able to cut out that danger with his advanced weaponry that would put brute force back in its place, below intellect.

Luna meanwhile is still pondering over who the scientist is, and although her instincts of sniffing out intelligence have marked Senku as the one she sexually desires, her concious mind overrides theses feelings and still is convinced that Taijuu is the scientist, poor guy is marked for death. Luna is struggling to actually give the mark though, clearly killing someone isn’t something she really is comfortable with so as she hesitate, Senku discusses the importance of their medusa super weapon that they are now in possession with, however unfortunately its battery is dead so that easy fix is out of the question.

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Luna however correctly deduces that Senku and Xebo may have a relationship, which she tries to communicate back to Xeno and Stanley, which allows Senkus crew to become aware of encrypted communication which is being passed around, and Ryu immediately sniffs out that something seems off, the messages only just started when Luna came to the ship which sets off alarm bells that the enemy is near, and from there he correctly deduces a sniper is nearby.

Xeno gets the message though, Lunas words of Senku immediately gets him to stop Stanley from shooting, although whether Stanley abides by this is another story.

Dr Stone Chapter 159 Spoilers & Predictions:

in dr Stone 159, we will most likely get a lot of communication between Xeno and Senku where they establish a truce between the two camps as has been earlier predicted. This will allow Senku to skip past a lot of the boring stuff and give him a leap through time technologically speaking which will get us closer to the modern world.

Another point raised is how Lunas presence and clear attraction to Senku might possibly cause a stir between Senku and Kohaku. Although romance clearly isn’t the number one priority and Senku clearly has no interest is emotional rubbish, perhaps Kohaku will show a tinge of jealousy towards Luna as her interest in Senku will clearly ramp up as the chapters go on, with a alliance on the horizon it’s only going to get more steamy from now onwards.

Dr Stone chapter 159 Raw and release date:

Dr Stone 159 is scheduled for the 19th of July, You can read Dr Stone manga chapter 159 on Viz or on the official website of Shueisha. Till that date read our latest posts: My hero academia 278 & One Piece 985. We highly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial illegal website. Please consider supporting the creator by purchasing the manga when it’s available

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