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We’re back again this week following the exciting encounter of Yamato from last week, unfortunately the chapter doesn’t give us quite everything we were hoping for but it doesn’t disappoint nonetheless. Anyways, as usual, if you aren’t up to date with the manga series and would like to avoid spoilers feel free to stop reading now, a link will be provided for readers at the end of the page to read the manga. This discussion will cover spoilers, predictions regarding One piece 985 and a source to read the latest chapter.

One Piece Chapter 984 Discussion:

The chapter begins right where we left off with Ulti and Page One waking up and recovering from the attack. They both seem mildly bruised but more than ready to continue fighting, Ulti points out an interesting fact that Yamato was using Kaido’s technique, “Thunder Bagua” suggesting that Yamato has actually inherited Kaido’s techniques and skills.

We then transition to Luffy and Yamato fighting it out with Yamato having difficulty convincing Luffy that he means no harm and simply wants to talk, after a particularly large attack from Luffy the beast pirates lose track of both of them.

Meanwhile Orochi is seen monologuing on the Kozuki’s and how Momosuke was sent to the future, however the Beast pirates don’t seem to believe his tale at all. It then reveals Robin and Jimbe in disguise among the crowd with more and more of the raiding samurai blending further into the feast. As of now they’re simply biding their time waiting for the opportunity to strike. Kaido and the All Stars then make their appearance on stage with Kaido revealing his plans called “the new Onigashima Project”.

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One Piece 985

Next we’re hit with a series of scenes revealing Law’s group successfully getting on the island and meeting up with Marco’s group who was accompanied by Izo affirming that he was Kiku’s brother. They find 2 entrances and assume the one above should lead to Kaido, however this may not necessarily be true given the suspicous emphasis on it.

Yamato and Luffy finally get to talk peacefully while hiding out in the attic space in the castle revealing that Yamato has always idolized Oden and aspired to be like him. We’re then hit with 2 huge reveals, first that Yamato is actually a woman and is simply choosing to be a man because Oden was a man, the second however is the bigger reveal is that she/he actually owns Oden’s Journal detailing his travels and adventures, this means the journal may actually have concrete detailing on Raftel/Laugh Tale and many other potential secrets of Gol D Rodger’s crew. Finally Yamato then declares their desire to open Wano to the world and to fight by Luffy’s side as he reminds them of Ace.

One Piece 985 Spoilers & Predictions :

in terms of One Piece 985 So the chapter itself didn’t have much information but it has left a lot of interesting clues that will be the prelude to more information. To start things slow, first it’s the suspicous emphasis on the 2 entrances that Law’s crew found, it is possible the lower path might lead to valuable information on whatever “the new Onigashima Project” is or even whatever the project is itself.

The next is that one of Kaido’s big announcement is the “New Onigashima project”, unfortunately there’s too little to go on as of now for any concrete theories so I will refrain from making wild conjecture here. What can be said is that this plan is likely the primary reason why Kaido established his base here in the first place and is likely something that can only be done in Wano either because of their poneglyph history or because they are isolated from the world government.

Finally with the reveal of Yamato everyone is already on the hype train as they could be looking at either the next member of the Straw Hats. As we expected it turned out Yamato was familiar with Ace, they likely met back when O-Tama met Ace too 3-4 years ago.

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One Piece 985 Official Spoilers:

Chapter 985: “New Onigashima Project”.

In the Color Spread, Luffy, Law and Kid are riding a parrot while eating lunchbox together.

The samurai and Law meet Kanjuro at the back entrance of Onigashima. Kanjuro knows they’d make it somehow so he’s been waiting. He also drew headless samurais to guard the doors. Kiku fights Kanjuro while the others take care of the underlings. Inuarashi has a sword attached to his severed leg (like Shiki).

Yamato knows Luffy is Ace’s brother, she’s been waiting for him since she expects to get on his ship like Oden did. Yamato wanted to get on Ace’s ship but Kaidou put the shackles on her since she was 8 years old. The shackles would explode if she leaves Wanokuni. Luffy asks if it’s OK for her since he will beat her dad. Yamato says she already fought with Kaidou several times and she was beaten again and again. Luffy offers to take her shackles off but then Kaidou’s voice broadcasts througout Onigashima.

Kaido said that the World Government got rid of the Ouka Shichibukai since they have acquired new military power. But Kaidou and Big Mom will also acquire an Ancient Weapon and will start a war.

Big Mom enters at the banquet hall with a japanese ghost army. Nami and Carrot seems to be captured by the ghosts. Kaidou and Big Mom announce together that it’s time to take One Piece!!

Kaido will move Onigashima to the Flower Capital, turns the entire Wanokuni into lawless pirate empire. He calls it “New Onigashima”. Orochi protests, saying that Wanokuni is his land, but Kaidou immediately cuts his head off with a sword.


Kaidou offers Orochi’s subordinates 2 choices: become pirates and join him, or die. After taking over Wanokuni, Kaidou will make Yamato a general overseeing this new pirate empire.

Luffy and Yamato falling out of the roof, they fight through Kaidou’s subordinates together. One underling is calling the Tobiroppo…


There is a break next week, not from Oda, but from the Weekly Shonen Jump due to the original date of the Olympics.” Source: Reddit

One Piece 985
One Piece 985
One Piece 985

One Piece Chapter 985 Release date and where to read:

One Piece Chapter 985 will be released on July 19th, you can read the chapter at Mangaplus. However, the raw scans for the manga will be leaked online 2-3 days prior to the internet around July 15th and fans will start discussing the spoilers of One Piece 985 over on Reddit and other social media platforms. don’t forget to check our latest chapters: My hero academia 278 & Black Clover 257

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