What’s up guys? We saw the battle heating up in the latest  chapter of One Piece 990 as Luffy finds an unexpected  new ally. The various battles  rage on in One Piece and newer ones are being set up in every new chapter. While One Piece is on a break and One Piece 991 releases only on September 27, let’s discuss about an internship  possibility that could take place this arc: the involvement  of the marines and them helping the Straw Hats! 

ONE PIECE 991 release date:

The One Piece fandom has always been rife with rumours that the Marines and the World Government  could get involved in the Wano arc. These rumours were further fuelled when Oda confirmed the fact that the Wano arc would make Marineford look puny. The rumours became even stronger after it was revealed that X Drake who was a former Rear Admiral in the marines and had left to join the Beast Pirates, become a member of the Worst Generation and ultimately also be a part of the extremely  powerful Tobiroppo, was in reality the commander/leader of SWORD, the secret special forces of the Marine HQ and was actually spying for the Marines

He was also seen passing on info about the going ons at Onigashima to the Marines. With the latest chapter in which X Drake was outed as a spy and was about to be murdered, it looks like he is going to team up with Luffy in One Piece 991 and go all out against Kaido’s forces. This has almost solidified rumors that the marines would very likely participate in the conflict in Wano and that too, very probably as allies of the Straw hat-Mink-Samurai alliance.

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Come to think of it, Luffy and gang are, as of now severely outnumbered against Kaido as well as the Beat Pirates. Kaido’s forces are almost 5-7x to that of the alliance’s. Even though the alliance has very strong members in their midst and even though they’re doing decently against Kaido’s  forces as of now with Luffy, Zoro and Jinbe having taken down two of the Numbers, it still looks improbable  that the alliance will actually  win against two Yonkos and their entire army. The alliance is in need of external help and fast according  to all the musings in the fandom. The strongest contenders for the ‘external help’ are the marines and the Cipher Pol 0 who, according to X Drake’s report to Koby, are already in Wano. 

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The WG are planning on a cleansing whereas the marines will not be ready to let a threat like a dual yonko alliance to exist and cause trouble. Some readers, meanwhile speculate that the Marines are too busy to reach Wano and that they do not really have the resources to spare for Wano(as specified multiple times by various characters) to tackle an alliance of two Yonkos. Well, this only means that the Marines won’t send their entire force to Wano. They could just send a small but high quality force to tackle the very obvious threat that the Big Mom Kaido alliance is. The Aigis Zero of the Cipher Pol are also speculated  to get involved especially  since Kaido  and Big Mom made very clear, their goals to get hold of the Ancient weapons, start a worldwide war, make Wano a haven for the pirates and attain the One Piece for themselves.

The World Government, obviously will not be fond of this development and are going to try their best to quash the alliance. Another possibility is Blackbeard arriving  at Wano to get hold of some of the Zoan fruits for himself. With the arrival of Blackbeard, Shanks will also arrrive at Wano to stop the conflict from developing into an all out apocalypse like scenario with three yonkos present. Other readers also  speculate the likes of the Revolutionary Army could also join the alliance against the two yonkos. 

Whether it be the Marines or the CP0 or the other yonkos or the RA, it’s  almost sure that this arc will see more external forces  joining in the conflict and help in taking down Kaido and Big Mom. Its also almost certain  that Kaido and Big Mom will be taken out this arc considering that Blackbeard  and Shanks look like the endgame. This might all seem overwhelming with so many characters but it is to be noted that Wano is unlike any other  arc in One Piece and is very easily the biggest ever in the manga so unexpected  alliances will not be a big deal.

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One Piece 991 will see Luffy reacting to X Drake’s  request of letting him team up with the Straw Hats. Luffy might be hesitant at first but may relent to it and let him team up. We’re  currently  seeing the Mink leaders,in their Sulong forms  go against  Jack  as the Samurais prepare to go against Kaido. Whether they will succeed or not is a question in itself. As of now Luffy and gang are up against the All Stars and the Tobiroppo who’re  trying to prevent them from going up the dome. It will be interesting  to see the various Straw Hats members teaming up against the All stars. One Piece 991 might also give is more clues as to the involvement of the marines in the war. 

ONE PIECE 991 Release date:

One Piece 991 will release on September 27! So what do you think will happen in One Piece 991? Will Luffy and Drake team up? Will the Marines join up with them? Will the Mink leaders defeat Jack? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: chainsaw Man 86 & My hero academia 85

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