Read One Piece 991 Spoilers, One Piece chapter 991 Raw and Release date

What’s up guys? One Piece 990 has dropped and we see our heroes battling Kaido and his forces with the help from their allies. Luffy also gains a surprising new ally this chapter and this will be very helpful in the upcoming battles in One Piece 991 and beyond. Read on to find out what happened this chapter but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid spoilers in this post!

One Piece Chapter 990 Discussion:

One Piece Chapter 990 starts with some Beast Pirate members and Sasaki discussing about Big Mom being extremely powerful, Kyoshiro being a traitor and the battle taking place between Kaido and the samurais atop the dome. We then  see Jack, in his Mammoth form, battling the Sulong minks and taking them down. Kinemon who’s  about to go out and help them are stopped by Inuarashi and Nekomamushi as they transform into their Sulong forms.

Inside Kaido’s castle we see King and Queen discuss the Prison Mines prisoner escape and Queen wonders how the mass jailbreak escaped their notice as King contacts the Tobiroppo. X Drake and Basil Hawkins are inside the castle and discuss about the Onigashima chaos and how it’s the appropriate time to change sides.

Hawkins rejects the idea as King informs them about the intrusion inside Onigashima and instructs them to prevent the intruders from reaching the dome rooftop. Ulti and a reluctant Page One go after Yamato who is  climbing  a wall as X Drake and Who’s  Who go to meet Queen. 

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At the Live Stage, members of the Beast Pirates clash with the escaped prisoners and the Yakuza and  they inform the Straw Hats to concentrate on reaching the top of the dome. The Straw Hats however do not escape notice by the Numbers. Zoro and Jinbe deal with Jaki as Luffy  transforms into Gear Fourth to face Juki.

Meanwhile  Hawkins, Queen and Who’s  who team up against X Drake and question  him about freeing Law, which Hawkins had apparently seen and attack him with the aim of finishing  him off. X Drake manages to escape to the Live Stage, attacks Juki with his saber and axe alongside Luffy’s attack and asks Luffy if he could side with him as the Numbers get defeated!

ONE PIECE 991 Spoilers & Predictions:

It’ will be interesting to see how Luffy responds  to the request for alliance from X Drake in One Piece 991. This will obviously  be  marine pirate alliance situation  if Luffy does respond to it positively  and it could even lead  to the involvement of the Marines in Wano. Drake’s dialogue this chapter also indicates the same. There’s also the question of who the 1% guy is with many speculating that it could be Drake or Luffy or even Law who is theorized to die to save Luffy in this arc.

Atop the dome we see the minks battling Jack. Nekomamushi  and Inuarashi, in their Sulong forms are taking on Jack and it will undoubtedly be an awesome battle especially if it’s not off screened. It’s also doubtful if the minks will retain their Sulong forms till the beat Kaido. 

One Piece chapter 991 release date:

There will be a break next week so you’ll get to read One Piece 991 only on the 27th of September!
So what did you guys think of this chapter and what do you think will happen in One Piece 991? Will Luffy and Drake team up? Will the Mink leaders beat Jack? Who do you think is the 1 per cent guy? Share your thoughts in the comments below ! Black Clover 265 & Chainsaw man 65

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