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What’s  up guys? This week sees another new One Piece chapter that some cool moments and is again, a set up like chapter for One Piece 990.  We finally see all the Strat Hats together this chapter as Lufffy again asserts that he wants to battle Kaido! Read on to find out what all happens this week but do make sure to catch up  with the manga to avoid spoilers!

One Piece Chapter 989 Discussion:

One Piece 989 starts with Big Mom flat on the floor after being run over by Franky and the Beast Pirates all confused as to how they could basically run over a Yonko. Luffy makes Shinobu understand that Yamato is an ally. Yamato declares that she is Oden and that she will protect Momonosuke which basically weirds out Shinobu and Momonosuke and they scurry off away from her. Boss Hyogoro, Jinbei, and the others are seen battling the Beast pirates. Big Mom gets up and she is about to explode with anger. It’s actually pretty good to see Franky  and Brook stand against her with confidence even though they know that she’s a Yonko and how powerful and destructive she is.

They assert their faith in making Luffy the pirate king and that is why they don’t have any problem even facing something as powerful as a Yonkou. Finally we get to see some more of the Numbers and the are all behemoth beasts with huge teeth.  Franky sees one of the Numbers holding his Brachio Bomber and attacks him with his laser as Big Mom recognises the Numbers as failed gaints.Big Mom moves ahead to attack Franky but Jinbei and Robin step up and Jinbei uses Fishman Karate and Robin uses Mille Fleur to basically  throw away Big Mom from the stage.

Sometimes in all the confusion, we tend to forget how powerful of a character Big Mom is, due to her being handled so in the story.Luffy tries to make his way up the roof but Queen instantly transforms into his Brachiosaurus form amd intercepts him. While he does meet up with Zoro, they’re both stopped by King and Queen. Luffy gets stopped by Queen and Zoro by King. Sanji has  shown to survive fighting King. Franky meanwhile is seen to be tackling Number 4 and taking it out successfully.


Everyone is surrounded by enemies but Hyogoro confesses that despite all that’s going, he doesn’t feel like they are losing. We finally get to see all the straw hat members assembled together which took place the last time almost a decade ago in a previous arc. and this is where Luffy makes the announcement. The chapter ends with Luffy announcing that he’s going to go after Kaido and that the others and the crew will be supporting hkm by not fighting under the dome!

One Piece chapter 990 Spoilers & Predictions:

So Luffy really wants to go up onto the roof and fight Kaido who’s currently being taken care of by Oden’s samurais and the Minks in their Sulong forms. Jack, who is atop the dome is aiding Kaido and is currently battling members of the Mink tribe. It’s not sure if Luffy will be successful in managing to go atop the dome as he’s being blocked by the likes of King ad Queen. Luffy will be probably fighting them for the time being alongside Zoro and Sanji and might fight Kaido only in the mainland according to fandom rumors. Its also highly possible that Kaido might one-shot all the samurais. This even could even take place off-screen.

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This chapter was all about setting  up the oncoming battles and felt more like a filler than anything, let’s  hope that One Piece 990 picks up the pace and leads onto the better chapters coming up. The Wano arc is widely believed to be much more bigger than even the Marineford arc so we might see other bigger  players also entering  the picture!


One Piece chapter 990 release date:

One Piece 990 will release on September  13th!
So what did you guys think of one piece 989? What will happen in One Piece 990? Will we see Luffy going all out against Kaido atop the dome? Or will he be stopped by King and Queen?Will the Scabbards and the Minks falter? Who will make a surprise appearance this arc? Share your thoughts in  the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: my hero academia 284

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