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What’s up guys? This week saw Chainsaw man drop a bombshell of a chapter with a much awaited devil being finally  shown and setting up what could be an interesting fight for Chainsaw man 84. We also see Denji in a new form! Read on to find out what happened but do make sure that you’ve  read the manga to avoid spoilers in this post!

Chainsaw Man chapter 83 Discussion:

This chapter starts with Makima leading Denji across a hallway where some of the fiends like Beam, Power and Angel(basically  there bodies?) are, along with some of the other fiends. They’re named after angels and according to Makima, are followers of Denji. Just as she’s explaining this to Denji they’re  atttacked by a group of assassins organized by Kishibe. Makima is relentlessly  shot down and the assassins slit their throats as ordered by Kishibe to summon none other than the Gun Devil and asks it to send Makima to Hell. Makima, in turns calls on Chainsaw man to protect her. In a confusing panel, Denji’s own intestines wrap around his neck(it’s usually Makima’s intestines when she controls someone) as he transforms into Chainsaw man.

chainsaw man 84

This part is not really explained anywhere but it looks like Denji just gave his control over his self to Makima in his daze after Power’s death. So maybe he still has a few chances to recover  himself and maybe as rumours say, he’s  really an uncontrollable  being and that’s  probably  why Makima had to do all this to break him.

This chapter, we’re introduced to a more detailed, vicious looking Chainsaw man that looks like a transformation which Denji undertook as a result of his despair, a chainsaw man with metal armour and five chainsaws! The Hell Devil, in this chapter does look a tad bit underwhelming. This was a devil that was supposed to be one of the most, if not the most feared by all the beings. It would have been more apt if it’s  form was sort of like the Gun devil’s. Though it’s still debatable if this is really the true form of the devil whose hand was the only thing we saw in a previous chapter. This intriguing  chapter ends with Denji transforming and ripping up the Hell Devil into shreds

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CHAINSAW MAN 84 Spoilers & predictions:

So, the Hell Devil is now apparently in shreds? And Kishibe’s team just died to summon the Hell Devil. Makima’s basically alive and well, not in Hell. The first course of action she might take would be to battle and kill Kishibe in Chainsaw man 84. Kishibe always came off as a smart character so it’s not sure if this was a real plan of his or some sort of last ditch effort. From all the previous instances of Makima being attacked, we know that Makima is absolutely merciless against her attackers. So Kishibe’s fate isn’t rosy.

Also will be interesting, if Kishibe fights Denji in Chainsaw man 84. It will be a call back to chapter 30 where Denji told Kishibe that he would never kill Kishibe  if they ever fought. Looks like Fujimoto is all set to give him a jokingly ironic death at the hands of Denji. All in all, it looks like Kishibe won’t likely survive past Chainsaw man 84. As to what’s going to happen to Denji? It looks like he’s under a daze of his own in this chapter. It’s like he has willingly put himself under Makima’s control so his real struggle will be to get out of it.

CHAINSAW MAN 83 Release date:

Chainsaw man 84 will release on September 13.
What did you guys think of this chapter? What will happen in Chainsaw man 84? Will Kishibe meet a grisly end? Will Makima succeed  in doing what she wants? How close to the endgame are we? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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