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Ey up guys. It’s been a wet day and I got Oceans of Slumber on as I write this, seems almost kind of appropriate given the details of the chapter. Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 264 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 263 Discussion:

So before the chapter starts we get the latest popularity poll results, which Shonen Jump regularly does for all its series. Charlotte skyrocketing to number 3 isn’t that much of a surprise, her recent appearances in the anime have been some of the highlights of the entire show, YĆ« Kobayashi really earns her paycheck there. Gauche is a little bit surprising as he is easily the least popular Black Bull in the West but then you remember he’s surprisingly popular in Japan. I’ll admit it perplexes me as up until Grey’s backstory I’d’ve been happy with killing Gauche off. Although if by any chance there is a Japanese viewer reading this feel free to explain why he may be so popular over there.

Back to the chapter. So the Captains, surprised at Nacht’s sneaky entry prepare to attack but then 4 devils with strange animal faces appear behind these captains. Everyone is shocked at this, but then Julius confirms Nacht’s identity. The Captains are surprised at this reveal, then Jack realises he recognises Nacht as a colleague of Yami’s during his tenure as a Knight of the Aqua Deer. Nacht replies That man is gone, seemingly ending the conversation there.

Nacht then explains what he discovered whilst undercover in the Spade Kingdom. The Dark Triad plan to bring about the Advent of Qliphoth. This means opening the gate to the Underworld and unleashing Devils into our world. There are seven gates, each with a stronger devil on them. The first few are as strong as the Dark Triad. Yami and William Vangeance will act as sacrifices to unlock these gates and once the process if complete they will die. The final Devil is Lucifero, Dante’s own. Nacht states that if Lucifero were to make it to the human world all will perish. When queried as to what the exact intentions of the Dark Triad may be for doing all this, Nacht replies that it is somewhat unclear other than seeking their own desires and that the Triad are pure unjust evil, the kind he truly despises.

Even if God and the Devils forgive them I never will. He then admits he can’t defeat them on his own, but they can together and most of all with Asta and his Anti-Magic as their key fighter. He summarises that in three days the gate will open and so his intention is to build a force with Asta as the main point, with the intention of invading the Spade Kingdom to rescue Yami and William and destroying the Tree of Qliphoth.

Wow that was a lot of dialogue. The look on Nacht’s face when he states he will never forgive them suggests to me he has suffered under them and this is more than just protecting the Clover Kingdom. This is personal. Someone Nacht cared about likely died under the hand of the Triad I suspect. Just what Nacht’s magic is seems to be a mystery. Obviously like everyone else I saw the strange faced creatures and thought of Kakuzu of Naruto. Jack started to say But your magic was before being cut off by Nacht. So my guess is so far we’ve only seen his devil Gimodelo’s magic. Just what it is is hard to tell. Given how dark shadows seem to randomly appear when he utilises it, I suspect it is some kind of shadow/teleportation magic.

But whatever Nacht’s own magic is is another question altogether. Another moment to ponder is when he says that man is gone. How literal is that? Could the real Nacht be dead and Gimodelo be in total control of the body? I suspect it’s a more obvious metaphorical the man you knew is gone this is who I am now kind of statement. But with this series it could mean just about anything. The fact the devils faced so far are the weakest is no surprise given this is generally how Shonen works. It seems Lucifero is being built up as the final boss of this Arc/Saga. I am a tad surprised as I thought the current devils would be part of the larger story and there would be some other figure ruling the Underworld but it seems perhaps not this time round.

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Black Clover Chapter 264 Spoilers & Predictions:

I think next week will be another “lore dump/exposition dump” chapter. Just how much we’ll find out is hard to tell now. The plans to form this elite squad will take place I guess, I think Nacht already has some candidates picked out. Given Six were highlighted months ago as having the potential to take down a Demon; Rill, Charlotte, Leopold, Zora, Charmy and Luck. I’m guessing each of these six will lead the charge against a Devil each.

I’m still hoping we get a Charmy and Asta team up battle A) It’d be epic B) Given those two are based on Tabata and his wife it’d be weirdly adorable too (in the Tankobon extra bits Tabata draws his wife as basically Charmy so duh). We may get some explanation as to what this means, just how they could be key to this too. It seems a bit obvious to suggest they’re all Arcane Stage Mages but it could be just that.

black clover 264

Perhaps this chapter Dorothy will finally wake up. Given how she knew the information of Megicula from Nozel it seems to make sense if she knows more than she’s letting on this time too. I still think she had some link to Acier Silva too, either as a colleague or friend. I kind of like the idea of Acier being a mentor character to both Mereoleona and Dorothy. I wonder if we will find out more about what exactly the Tree of Qliphoth is and how it functions. Also Asta and Yuno are gonna have to actually talk at this point Asta’s been quiet for too long in this meeting he’ll pipe up eventually.

We may have Nacht meet the other Black Bulls. Given none of the Captain’s knew about Nacht I could see none of the Bulls knowing him either, although a flashback to the early days of the Bulls with Nacht around would be nice to see too. Also Nacht mentioned God. I could see their being some kind of God in the Black Clover-verse. If there is an Underworld I can see there being other “Realms” too like Norse Mythos and the Tree of Yggdrasil and it’s own multiple Realms.

We may jump over to the Heart Kingdom facing the aftermath of their attack. Have I already said that a dozen or so times? Well it’s gonna happen eventually so at some point I’ll be right…….right?

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Black Clover Chapter 264 Release date:

Black clover manga is featured on MangaPlus and Chapter 264 should be available on 13 September 2020 and Black clover 264 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 263 can be found here.

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