Black Clover chapter 283 Spoilers, Raw and release date

Ey up guys. Blasting Amon Amarth as I write this, feels kinda fitting really. Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 283 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 282 Discussion:

So we start with Asta coating the Demon God’s blast in Anti-Magic as he tells Liebe to perform Devil Union. And just like that, the blast vanishes and Damnatio (and everyone else) is mystified. We then skip to Yuno telling Zenon that even with all the captains in Spade, Clover still has a certain someone to save them. Gee I wonder who he could mean……..

And here we get Asta + Liebe Devil Union. And my god is it brilliant, Asta coated in anti-magic with two wings, four horns and a ring of balls seemingly made of anti-magic surround him. Asta thinks to himself how he can only use this form for 5 minutes currently, so he needs to end this as fast as he can. He slices it’s lower arm down the middle then tells Damnatio to watch as he joins forces with a Devil and protect this kingdom.

Through the clouds we see the old image Liebe had projected in Asta’s mind before looming towards the Demon God and initially the civilians think this is another demon come to destroy Clover but then we see Marie, Mother Theresa, Rebecca and the Hage church family telling them differently.

We jump over to see Solid and Nebra furious to be protected by a mere peasant, and Kirsch admitting whilst it’s not to his taste, there may still be beauty in it. Next Sol is impressed but clearly not completely surprised and Klaus being the biggest cheerleader out there yelling Asta can do this not because of his devil, but because he above all others exemplifies what it truly means to be a Magic Knight. You can almost hear the Haruka Mirai playing in the background……..

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Asta takes his swing as Julius thinks how the Demon God relies on brute strength and has no real defence for Anti-Magic. As this happens Asta flies up the Demon’s torso, and then we get a textless double page spread of him running it through and slicing it in half. We then see the Demon falling apart as it stands, with the full range of reactions.

Damnatio is stunned, Julius is fanboying, the civilians are gobsmacked, Rebecca Marie and Theresa are thrilled and Klaus and Letoile are relieved and exulted. Asta does a little victory… in the sky, but then Gimodelo pops up shaking in fear as he says Nacht is going to die. So Asta stops and decides to immediately head for the Spade Kingdom.

SO.MUCH.HYPE. I almost want to stand up and applaud Tabata even though that makes no sense in my room where he can’t see it. Anyway, the main thing is this better clear Asta’s name as far as Clover is concerned cos come on he just saved everyone in one go.

I was annoyed how he got blamed at the end of the Elf Saga but honestly this makes up for that in spades (geddit?…….). Yuno has more faith in Asta than I do in the entire human race these days, he didn’t even question Asta’s ability. It’s nice how in a single panel Kirsch shows some nice development, starting to appreciate beauty is subjective and there is more to it than “material matter.” I felt almost like cackling seeing Damnatio so humbled, the prick no longer has his easy scapegoat.

Seeing the eternally smug looks wiped of Nebra and Solid’s faces was glorious, always fun to see those assholes taken down a few more pegs. My god the Devil Union form is great, Pierrot better have all the Sakuga ready when this airs in the anime. At least it has some limits in the form of the timer, and one that can be worked towards with decent scaling too.

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Black Clover Chapter 283 Spoilers & Predictions:

So the obvious one is jumping back to Spade Kingdom and finding out just how badly things are going for them. Nacht is clearly is a bad way from what Gimodelo said. It’s weird, Nacht clearly doesn’t consider his Devils to be good and treats them more like weapons than living beings given how shocked he was that Asta was able to find good in a devil.

But at the same time they way Gimodelo seemed when talking about Nacht…….he seemed genuinely worried. You’d think if Nacht died Gimodelo would be free so he’d be better off. But if he’s in such a state about it he must care about Nacht. Maybe his Devils aren’t so bad and Nacht lied as he didn’t trust Liebe when he started the Devil Ritual? It’s hard to tell.

There’s not much else to say beyond repeating the same things. Maybe we’ll see Dorothy, Nozel and Fuegoleon fighting the Dark Disciples. Maybe we’ll see more of the Captains vs the Dark Triad. Maybe we’ll jump over to the Elves and Noelle seeing how their training is going, we haven’t seen them in 20 chapters/close to 6 months. Or who knows maybe we now see Magna and Zora……..check that one of your bingo cards lads this is episode 110 of Magna Watch…..

Yes there wasn’t much to say this time but honestly there’s not much new to speculate at this point you know?

Black Clover Chapter 283 Release date:

Usually the latest Black Clover Chapters are available once they are released on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for Black Clover 283 are released 2-3 days before their official release date which is around the 21st of February and fans will start discussing the spoilers of Black Clover 283 over our Reddit sub and other social media platforms. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps.

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