Black Clover chapter 286 Spoilers, Raw and release date

Ey up guys. So today I’m going through Avenged Sevenfold’s discography. Fitting given the chapter…..which will make sense later……anyway, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 286 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 285 Discussion:

So we step back a few minutes to before Noelle and co arrived on the battlefield, as Nacht attempts to battle the Devils. Dante stares at the Devils and cackles, declaring this was what he sought, the world he wanted. The Devils glance at him but say He’s Lucifero’s toy and decide not to bother with him. Gee I wonder what he could mean…….Jack gets back up and challenges Dante once more.

Nacht internally admits Jack is going to struggle on his own but he’ll have to leave it to him and asks his other Devil, Walgner, if preparations are made. Walgner says yes, and Nacht performs Devil Union Mode: Gallus. It seems Walgner is a bird themed devil as this form features a plague mask and wings (and also Goat horns). He enacts a spell, Call, which seems to temporarily pause the devils in place, as shadow cloaked hands reach up and pull them into the ground.

We see them arrive in what appears to be a large church as Nacht declares himself their opponent and enacts Mana Zone: Dark Prison Hunting Ground. The Devils decide to “play” with him as they unleash fire and ice upon him. If I knew anything from Game Of Thrones I’d make a reference but I got nowt. Nacht weaves and dodges these attacks in his Cat Devil form, then jumps behind one of the Devils and lands a kick to their back in his Equus form.

But then the Devil turns their body to fire and shoots a jet of fire at Nacht’s arm. Nacht realises he can’t win and can only continue to evade. The Devils ask him why he doesn’t just run away and he retorts Because I can’t forgive you and your unjust evil while I’m alive. He then thinks Besides……I don’t care if I die.

Flashback time! Once upon a time there was the House of Faust, a noble household with twin sons. One was a nice guy, beloved by all and a great Magic Knight. It appears to be Nacht. The other twin was a delinquent, a miscreant, a selfish unpopular man. And just so you know he’s the rebellious one, he’s smoking too. Cos that’s how that works right?……….. He looks like a fusion of Nacht and Henry, with long white hair.

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Nacht asks his brother why he won’t join the Magic Knights and his brother asks where the fun in that would be. We then get a random voice say Yo Morgen. On the next page we see this is Yami in his Aqua Deer uniform……..looking at Nacht. But he just called him Morgen? Yami and the other brother start throwing jabs at each other. But then Yami ends his line calling the white haired brother……..Nacht.

What? It’s almost like I lied through most of the last paragraph to keep the twist in there…….so wow. Where to begin? Remember when I said listening to Avenged Sevenfold was relevant? Cos when I saw white haired Nacht my first thought was he looks like half the 00s Goth/Metal bands from that scene. Not that he looks like M Shadows but still.

Well all the Devil fight was kind of expected and is still leaving us with the question of how these guys can even get out of this one when even the strongest mages are struggling with their Devils. But the real takeaway was that twist. I mean we kind of expected it but at least we got some more to work with. So how did this go down? When Jack remembered the brother who worked with Yami, Nacht said that man is dead.

So we could take that literally, and that Morgen died and Nacht dyed his hair like him in either tribute or some kind of stolen identity scenario. Or did the original Nacht die and Morgen took his name? It could be either but I get the feeling we’ll know next week. Which leads us to……….

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Black Clover Chapter 286 Spoilers & Predictions:

I think it’s pretty much guaranteed next week we’ll get a continuation of Nacht’s backstory. So we’ll find out what happened to Morgen and how the house of Faust fell apart. Given Nacht’s rage towards the Devils it seems very likely a Devil killed Morgen and their parents which led Nacht to change his ways and go after the Devils in revenge.

How does Yami play into this? Given Nacht claims to hate him it could be that somehow Yami was involved in Morgen’s death be it by accident or not. After this perhaps Yami recruited him and sent him off to Spade as a spy. I do wonder if Nacht knew it was devils all along, and if so how did Yami and Julius not know or expect the arrival of a Devil in Clover during the Elf attacks. Or perhaps it wasn’t a devil that killed Morgen and the Faust family, but a Spade Mage with Devil Powers? Who knows there’s a bunch of questions to go around still.

Given the Devils said Dante was Lucifero’s toy hints to something I and others have already suspected. That the Dark Triad are only being used by the Devils and may be either fully taken over or controlled by their respective devils. Which if the other devils see Dante as just a mere toy that sounds very likely.

The thing I’ve wondered is why the devils originally made the deal with the Dark Triad, what could those three have offered them that would make them want to enter this agreement. But then again, who’s to say they’ll necessarily betray the Triad and why not each other? It could be that Lucifero or Megicula (or Zenon’s currently unnamed Devil) plan to use to use this to overthrow each other for whatever reason. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Black Clover Chapter 286 Release date:

Usually the latest Black Clover Chapters are available once they are released on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for Black Clover 286 are released 2-3 days before their official release date which is around the 21st of March and fans will start discussing the spoilers of Black Clover 286 over our Reddit sub and other social media platforms. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps.

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