Chainsaw Man 75 Spoilers, Chainsaw Man chapter 75 Raw

What’s up guys? Chainsaw man dropped another eerie new chapter this week and it looks like things will take a turn for the worse in Chainsaw man 75 next week. Aki meets up with Angel while mysteries around Makima’s true identity unfurl in the latest chapter. While we wait for Chainsaw man 75, let’s discuss the latest chapter. Read on to find out what more happens in this chapter and but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga because this post will contain spoilers and some predictions for Chainsaw man 75.

Chainsaw Man chapter 74 Discussion:

It’s almost unsettling to see Hayakawa grapple with his fate. He knows his future and is in a dilemma of either choosing to run away from it all or be brave and face it while also trying to think up ways to keep his friends alive. It’s evident that he’s come to terms with his unfortunate fate and is prepping to face the same as he visits the Angel Devil in the hospital and gives him a letter of recommendation so that he isn’t put down and would be able to make contracts with humans and survive. Aki also shares the troubling prediction with Angel.Angel seems indifferent at first but does exude genuine concern as Aki mentions that this might be the last time they meet. Angel then asks Aki to meet up with Makima as she may offer a solution to Aki’s ‘terrible future’ problem and looks like Angel will most certainly regret this decision in Chainsaw man 75.

Aki and Angel then go to meet Makima who is mysteriously at the beach a day before the Gun Devil mission. This chapter confirms all the fears fans had about Makima’s seemingly sinister nature as Angel gets flashes of his old memories where he’s seen happily living amongst the people who took him in. He spends his days wading through rivers and having fun with his partner until none other than Makima arrives in his village asking him to show her his power. In the blink of an eye it’s nighttime and Angel, to his horror has killed all the people he cared about as instructed, more like coerced by Makima. It’s too late when Angel realizes Makima’s true nature as he can only helplessly watch on as a confused Aki is coerced into making a contract with Makima.

 It will only be in Chainsaw man 75 that we’ll probably see what the entire contract thing is with Makima. She can make a contract so that obviously means she’s not human. Her true nature was always a source speculation for fans ever since she literally resurrected herself in one of the previous chapters. On top of that characters like Kishibe trying to take her down implies that her intentions in the scope of the story, aren’t exactly pure. As chapters go by, it’s almost becoming evident that she is the possible big bad of the series. As to what will happen to Angel, he could very well meet his end in Chainsaw man 75 as he saw Makima’ s sinister manipulative side in this chapter.

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Chainsaw man 75 could maybe offer us more details about Makima’s real intentions and nature. As of now, it’s safe to assume that she’s some sort of a Devil or even a half Devil half Human being. Aki being contracted with her doesn’t look like a good sign especially considering the very concerned face Angel made there.

chainsaw man 75

While it’s true that Aki made the contract in desperation to protect Denji and Power from their brutal future, it looks like this contract will ultimately be the cause of the future that he was trying to avoid. 
The Gun Devil expedition that our heroes might start in Chainsaw man 75 will probably go awry resulting in Denji turning against the others. Aki’s situation is a very confusing one he’s now under Makima’s control. Maybe Angel could enlist the help of Kishibe and some of the others to prevent whatever it is that Makima is planning.

Chainsaw Man 75 Release date:

Chainsaw man 75 will release two days earlier than the usual weekend schedule so you can catch up on Chainsaw man 75 on the 26th of June.

So what did you guys think of this Chapter and what do you think will happen in Chainsaw man 75? Can Angel save Aki? Will Denji and Power realize that Makima is playing them? What are Makima’s true motives? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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