Chainsaw Man Chapter 66 Spoilers, Raw and Discussion

Heavy SPOILERS for chapter 65 of “Chainsaw Man”, be warned because we’ll be discussing the latest chapter and predicting what chainsaw man chapter 66 has in store. It’s advised to catch up before you start reading.

Chainsaw Man – Chapter 65 Discussion:

Quick Recap

Near party wipe. Everyone except Aki and Angel are killed by the Darkness Devil.

Tonal Shift

Abstract apocalyptic imagery, fast-paced unexpected deaths, and a grim hopeless nihilism; it’s fitting that hell has been reminiscent of Fujimoto’s previous works. The most famous being Firepunch, which lost most of its casts on multiple occasions. No one has plot armor no matter how much developmental potential, popularity, or narrative purpose they have. Even the MC went through numerous major personality-changing developments that felt like losing a character.
However, occasional similar details also highlight general differences. Chainsaw Man has a much lighter tone and hasn’t been as kill-happy; named characters still die all the time, but if they survive the first few appearances they tend to stick around. Himeno and Reze are pretty much the only main character deaths.
Which is why I suspect this one might be a fake out: perhaps it’s all just been Aki’s Future Devil vision, maybe death works differently in hell, or someone saves the day. The Future Devil says Aki dies in the worst way, so he probably won’t die to the Darkness Devil’s quick cuts.

Darkness and Makima

Chainsaw Man Chapter 66
Darkness and Makima

Darkness and Makima have some similar looking moves:
1. Both can use a do something that involves putting their hands together to twist and perforate people form a distance.
2. Pingtzi claims Darkness was watching them before he even arrived, while Makima can listen in on people over vast distances.
Perhaps Makima is contracted with Darkness?
It’s interesting how only one head on the Darkness Devil’s body still has eyes, and Makima collected eyeballs, although that was probably just a one time thing to intimidate the yakuza.

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Weapons in the Dark

When Denji’s chainsaw clashed with something in the dark and gave off a shower of sparks, we see many bodies illuminated, oohing, looking and pointing at the point of impact. Could these invisible figures be the secret of how Darkness strike and spy from a distance? The devil later produces a strange blade (presumably what it used to parried Denji) adorned with bells. What is the significance of the panel focusing on the gentle ringing of one of these bells? Please let us know what you think in the comments!

Arai and Violence

Chainsaw Man Chapter 66
Is Arai the Violence Devil?

Since the amnesiac Violence Devil’s first appearance, Arai x Kobeni shippers have joked that it’s Arai under the mask. The theory goes that Makima is using the corpses of her fallen task force to create fiends. It seems they are vindicated today. The two look very similar with justifiable differences. The fiend’s newfound super regeneration would’ve removed his signature scar, the nose looks a little longer, but it seems to be elongated to meet the upper set of eyes.

Chainsaw Man – Chapter 66 predictions:

No Party Wipe

As discussed earlier in Tonal Shift, I’m holding out hope that the gang’ll make it out of this. With the Arai reveal, we get a glimpse of what Makima’s been up to. She may have even more surprises when

Makima Isn’t Going to Die Just Yet

Even for a Fujimoto manga, I don’t think anyone is expecting her to die to the Doll Devil. Does the Darkness Devil even care about killing Makima? He gave “the power to kill Makima” as payment, but if he wants to kill Makima he would be paying for it rather than with it. Of course it could be an opportunist thing where he wanted Makima dead anyway and found a way to get paid to help, but he strike me as the crafty trickster business type. She could kill her assailants first, or “die” and come back to life like before. Even with “the power to kill Makima” in her enemy’s hands I don’t think Makima is going to die just yet.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 66 Release date and where to Read:

You can read the first and last three chapters for free here. Chainsaw Man Chapter 66 will see a release on April 12. until that date Read our latest posts: Black Clover 247 & Kingdom 638.
[Updates] The chapter is out, You can read it Here.

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