Black Clover 255 Spoilers, Black Clover chapter 255 Raw and Release date

Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 255 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of BC, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 254 Discussion:

To the shock of absolutely nobody, Vanica escapes the seal placed on her by Secre. And it is…..messy. In what seems like an instant the tables are turned and all 4 girls are nearly taken out. The worst affected seem to be Undine and Loropechika, who appear near unconscious. It seems Vanica has been using so much Devil’s power that Megicula herself is talking through Vanica, sharing the dialogue. It’s interesting seeing that Megicula appears to be a bit more blunt whereas Vanica wants to “continue to toy with them.” She has cursed Undine too, and it seems she has almost vanished. Vanica/Megicula just being near Loro is enough to reactivate the curse and cause her immense pain. But Noelle channels her inner Asta and declares she ain’t done yet (you can almost hear the Madata through the panels…..). What is most interesting is Megicula recognises the Valkyrie armour and it scares her enough to freeze up, allowing Noelle to stab her clean through the gut. Again….

The fact Megicula may be scared of the Valkyrie armour leaves a pretty big question of just what did Acier do to her before she was cursed to instill such fear in Megicula; I suspect her previous host was killed during that battle. The scariest thing about Vanica and Megicula is they’re not even at full power yet and they’ve already wiped out 3/4ths of this team. I really felt for Loro this chapter, seeing her realise this just really may be the end for her. It was a surprise seeing Undine taken out so badly too.

Black Clover Chapter 255 Spoilers & Predictions:

as for Black clover 255, We may get some more history on what went down before between Acier and Megicula and what the exact details of the curse Acier received were. Secre could get back up and help Noelle out, she may be trapped but seeing as Seals are her whole deal I imagine she’ll escape her bindings. I don’t see Undine or Loro coming back from this anytime soon, Gaja may appear to help them escape but I could see this being the end for either of them. Though whether Undine can actually “die” is a whole other question, I could see her being able to “reincarate” in time, or something similar.

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I don’t think Noelle will win this but she’ll get a few good licks in I think, before Vanica/Megicula up the Devil power and then proceed to stop her in her tracks. Although I’ve seen others suggest seeing the Valkyrie armour may scare Megicula enough to retreat; it doesn’t seem Megicula is quite that scared, but it would make sense. I don’t think they’ll kill off Loro yet as she’s only been around for like 30 chapters but at the same time it seems like a few death flags were flying this chapter…….we shall see.

Black Clover 255 Raw and where to read online:

Black clover manga is featured on MangaPlus and Black Clover chapter 255 should be available on 26 June 2020 Black clover 255 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 254 can be found here. don’t forget to check our latest posts: kingdom 655

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