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Hey guys, welcome back to our weekly One Piece discussions where we discuss One Piece 980 Spoilers and Raw release date. First of all I like to thank Mizore very much for helping cover for me last week. Now without further ado let’s begin the discussions. As usual, if you aren’t up to date with the manga series and would like to avoid spoilers feel free to stop reading now, a link will be provided for readers at the end of the page to read the manga. This discussion will cover spoilers, predictions and a source to read the latest chapter.

One Piece Chapter 979 Discussion:

One Piece chapter 979 start off with a quick recap showing Orochi getting complacent thinking his plan had succeeded and is completely unaware that the raid on Onigashima has already begun with Kinemon and Denjiro attacking from the east and south respectively and Law’s submarine carrying the Akazaya samurai to flank the island.

Meanwhile Kanjuro’s trip back to inform Orochi of the plan’s failure is ironically being stalled because Orochi’s guards do not know Kanjuro was a traitor and are slowing him down, We’re shown Momosuke eyeballing a small dagger on the ground from the dead guards which he’ll likely use to help his escape later down the line.

Similair to the fish-man arc the Black rhino bike and the Brachio Tank are shown again with Chopper, Ussop, Nami, Carrot and Shinobu riding the tank together with Sanji on top, Brook and Franky riding the bike and lastly Jinbe and Robin walking together. The Kid pirates are running straight for the front door, Luffy is heading after them so as to not ruin the plan and Zoro chasing after Luffy to stop him from escalating the situation. Luffy will likely get in trouble before encountering Kid and Zoro will likely get lost. From this grouping you can generally see the power levels of each group and they’ll each likely engage in combat with their respective groups in the future. We also see a mysterious figure rustling in the background watching Robin and Jinbe, potentially Kaido’s son, Yamato himself.

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Lastly it’s finally revealed the name of Kaido’s son, Yamato, who is currently missing and the Tobi Roppo are being dispatched in response to find him, if they succeed they will be given the opportunity to challenge any of the Lead Performers for their position. There’s also the fact from the order of Kaido’s schedule for the day, whatever announcement he is about to give is literally bigger news than the alliance between literally 2 yonko members, Kaido and Big Mom, and is directly related to Yamato himself, likely the reason why he’s disappeared in the first place.

Lastly we end the chapter with members of the beast pirates wasting food, Oshiruko specifically, which is a nice callback to the beginning of the arc where Tama considers shiruko an extravagant dish and never had such a happy birthday before, one of the contributing reasons of Luffy’s anger towards the Beast Pirates occupation of Wano, reminding him and us what he’s fighting for.

One Piece chapter 980 Spoilers & Predictions :

An interesting observation that can be made in One Piece 980 here is that King felt it was necessary to summon the Tobi Roppo for the sole purpose of tracking down and bringing back Yamato, furthermore Kaido felt that succesfully doing this was a valid reason for the right to challenge a lead actor essentially representing a promotion, also the fact Black Maria refers to this as “a formidable task”. From this interaction alone we can infer that Yamato is likely strong or fast enough that only someone at the Tobi Roppo’s level can have a chance to capture him in the first place.

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One piece 980

Considering how we’ve established that Yamato is a power individual himself and that Kaido has a major announcement regarding him, it’s highly possible in One Piece 980 that Kaido is about to hand over leadership of the Beast Pirates to Yamato or something along those lines. If we assume Kaido’s announcement is something along these lines it would make sense why Yamato would try to escape as to avoid the responsibilities from his father. Another possible theory is just Kaido forcing Yamato to marry one of Big Mom’s children to cement their alliance as Big mom usually does which he is against (the marriage) hence him absconding from the scene.

Now with the Tobi Roppo being deployed to hunt down Yamato what will likely happen instead is Yamato will meet with the straw hats whilst the Tobi roppo will encounter different groups of the invading forces and the battle shall begin. The next few chapters will likely decide the match-ups for the coming fights and reveal more information about Yamato himself.

Quick mentions on One Piece chapter 978:

Just to recap some points I’d like to mention from 978,

  • Onigashima, We finally get to see Onigashima in it’s full glory for the first time showing not only a giant horned skull but a giant katana as well. The shape of the skull and horns bear a remarkable resemblance to that of Oars that Continent Puller and Little Oars Jr. We know for a fact that Oars Jr’s flag actually refers to him as Oars III so there’s a high likelihood Onigashima is built on the skull of “Oars the first”.
  • An interesting note as well is that the island can be translated as “ogre/demon island” or a play on the phrase “the ogre is dead” “鬼は死んだ” which would be sort of an apt name if we assume this is where “Oars the first” died.
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One Piece Chapter 980 Release date and where to read:

One Piece Chapter 980 will be released on May 24th you can read the chapter at However, the raw scans for the manga will be leaked online 2-3 days prior to the internet around May 20 and fans will start discussing the spoilers of One Piece 978 over Reddit and other social media platforms. until that date you can read the last chapter here or check our latest posts: Kimetsu no Yaiba 205 & My hero academia 271

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