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One-piece episode 970 summary

Oden and his servants were intercepted by Kaido’s crew in the forest of Udon , so the two factions began a hard clash, which was also joined by the kunoichi Shinobu on the side of the ten samurai.

Meanwhile, Yasuie and his men, at Oden’s request, went to Kuri Castle to protect his family .

one piece chapter 971

The battle continued and Oden managed to wound the seemingly invincible Kaido; when he realized that Momonosuke had been taken hostage by one of the enemies, however, he got distracted and was hit by the emperor , later realizing that the child was actually an imposter , before losing consciousness. Even his servants were defeated and the forest of the battlefield remained in flames until the rain five days later.

Oden and the Nine red sheaths were imprisoned in the capital of flowers , while Shinobu was released because the feudal lord indicated her as her attacker. The ten prisoners accused of treason to the shogun were allegedly boiled to death three days later.

so Does Episode 971 reveal the execution of Oden?

In the previous chapter, the execution of Oden was decided, but what will happen in the future?

I would like to introduce some possibilities:

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one piece chapter 971 Spoilers and predictions :

Who is gonna rescue Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards?

one piece chapter 971

In Episode 970, Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards men were captured by Orochi Kaido’s army and sentenced to be boiled to death.
For the remaining three days until the boiler is executed, those who yearn for Oden cannot be silent !!

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At this stage, the veteran Ku Shinobu, Hana no Kyougoro, and Yasushi Ye are among the people who are on the side of the Kogetsu family.
Among them, the sister of Nishikiemon: Shinobu
In the previous episode, Shinobu fought bravely with the Odens and never fell into the hands of Kaido.

In the Shinobu reminiscence scene, Oden pretended like he never knew her so she can’t get caught

Oden, who saved her life, should have felt plenty of benefits.
probably some actions will be taken by Shinobu in the next episodes.!!

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How to Rescue Oden?

one piece chapter 971

Shinobu is a skilled person who uses the “jujujutsu-no-jutsu”, which rots everything, using tactics of making holes in the ground or burying enemies in it.
I think this ability will greatly contribute to the escape of Oden!

Speaking of jailbreak, in the past in Impeldown, a crocodile of the former King Shichibukai had helped him escape by drilling holes in the ceiling and walls with the ability of “Sunasuna Fruit”.

Shinobu Jukujuk’s fruit abilities are also very similar in terms of managing objects, so they are just as good as crocodiles at leading jailbreak.
However, it is not yet clear whether Shinobu was a demon fruit hero at the time.
Therefore, the possibility of rescue without using abilities is quite possible.
In addition, it is presumed that Oden’s benefactors “Hana no Kyougoro” and “Kang Ye” may help to rescue Oden.

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Bringing everyone to the future with the fruit of Tokitoki

Eventually, Toki will send everyone to the future with the true abilities of Tokitoki.

Do we know the details at that time?

I am also worried about the two kings that the sea kings said.

It is possible that he skipped to the future 20 years later.

If this king was Luffy, he might have done it twenty years later to save the Wano kingdom.

There seems to be a reason why he was skipped in this era, so it’s interesting to see if that point becomes clear.

Oden Not rescued?

Although it is thought that Shinobu, Leopard Goro, and Yasushi Ye will contribute to the escape of Oden and Nine Red Scabbards, it is likely that only Nine samurai will eventually be rescued . .

One-piece Chapter 971

Because, in the main story, information from Nishikiemon has already revealed that “Oden has died as a sinner .”
Also, the fact that the nine Akasheath men are still alive means that they were not executed with Oden.

The focus here is on whether Oden refused to rescue himself or did not escape .
It’s hard to imagine that you can’t escape while having the strength of an oden, so you probably gave your life to protect someone .
Whether it’s for your own family or to protect your faithful vassals, Chapter 971 seems to reveal the truth!

One piece episode 971 release date : 

The Chapter 971 of One Piece is on a one – week break, and now will launch on February 16, 2020. you can read the chapter here when it’s released. (bookmark this post for updates )

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