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What’s up guys? One Piece dropped another thrilling new chapter this week that is a brilliant set up for One Piece 989. This chapter was rife with some interesting  last minute  saves. Read on to find out what happened but do make sure that you’ve  caught  up with he manga to avoid  spoilers!

One Piece Chapter 988 Discussion:

We start where we left off last chapter as the Minks were about to transform into their Sulong forms. This chapter starts with Jack and the Beast Pirates coming to help Kaido while the Guardians and the Musketeers Squad jump into battle him in their Sulong forms while Inuarashi and Nekomamushi save their  transformations  to beat Kaido. Inside the Skull Dome, Shinobu tries to save a restrained Momonosuke as the attempt is foiled by King who’s  in his Pteronodon form.

Just then, we see Sanji who was invisible  till now, in his Raider Suit glory manage  to free Momonosuke  as King battles him and crashes him into  a tower nearby. Luffy entrusts Yamato to protect  Momonosuke  and  proceeds to face off against Big Mom as she attacks him with her Elbaf spear which he dodges.

Big Mom meanwhile summons back Zeus from Nami who tried to steal him and attacks her relentlessly. Nami screams at Zeus announcing that their friendship  is over. Big Mom keeps  on attacking  Nami as Franky literally  rolls over Big Mom with his Kurosai FR U IV while Brook cuts Zeus down. 

This chapter, as said earlier was again, all about setting up some amazing future battles. We have the Mink tribe facing off against Jack and the Beast Pirates while their leaders are all set to battle Kaido. We have Sanji and none other than King facing off. Though Sanji is an extremely well liked character, it’s  kind of improbable  to visualize  him defeating  an entity like King. So he will have aid in that battle. Probably Zoro because he was widely  speculated  to be King’s ultimate  opponent  by the fandom. Finally we have Luffy and the Straw Hats facing off against  Big Mom.

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So this chapter was about setting  the various battles but it looks like we’ll  probably  see skirmishes rather than one on ones. As stated earlier  we might see Zoro join in to help Sanji fight  King. We could see the Mink leaders transform  into  Sulongs next chapter but it still looks improbable  that the Minks and the Samurais will beat Kaido. Yamato, meanwhile  was an interesting  facet this  chapter  with her looking  confused  about  the entire  Momo is my son act.

There is a possibility  that Yamato might join the Straw Hats after the Wano arc gets over. As to who will fight  Queen, it’s  another  possibility  that Sanji and Zoro will face off against both  King and Queen in the coming chapters.

One Piece 989

As of now, it’s  looking too good for the alliance and will probably continue to be good for at least for a couple of chapters more until the tide actually starts turning against them. Due to the total  chaos happening everywhere, we might not even see the Mink/Samurai vs Kaido battle.

We’ll  probably  just see Kaido  emerging victorious  after having everybody  fall. There are speculations  that Kaido will be only defeated  in the mainland where the citizens  can see it happening  and this has the maximum possibility  given the trend the manga has always followed.

One Piece Chapter 989 Release date and where to read:

One Piece is on a break next week so One Piece 989 will only be released  on he 6th of September.  It’s  an unfortunate  two week long wait!So what did you guys think of this chapter? What do you think will happen in One Piece 989? Will we see the Mink leaders transform? Will we see Sanji and Zorro battle King? Or Luffy battle Big Mom? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero Academia 282 & Black Clover 262 and our Reddit sub for more details.

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