Black Clover 263 Spoilers & Black Clover chapter 263 Raw

Ey up guys. Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 263 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 262 Discussion:

We start we left off, with Nacht having revealed himself to be a devil host. His devil then appears on his shoulder and starts interacting too, its name being Gimodelo. Nacht explains he’s been on an undercover mission all this time, but then drops a surprising twist into the mix; he hates Yami. Asta’s about as surprised as the rest of us at that statement, just what happened between those two? Asta agrees to train under Nacht for help with his Devil’s power.

The second half of the chapter is the Captain’s meeting. Yuno looks like me after working a 10-hour shift in 4 hours sleep aka knackered as all hell. Strange to think he’s now on somewhat equal footing with the people who once offered him a spot in all of their own Magic Knight Squads not too long ago. After the situation is explained to them, Charlotte somehow pulls one of the best poker faces in history acting all calm and collected about Yami’s kidnapping when internally she’s have a damn meltdown over it.

Well it almost slips out when Rill suggests Yami and William could be dead already at which point she gives him the coldest death stare all chapter. Jack then almost trolls Yuno over his “weakness” to which Yuno looks ready to drop the whole meeting and lunge at him for. Despite his mockery Jack seems ready to march into the Spade Kingdom himself to rescue Yami, even if he denies it it’s plainly obvious. Nozel too, but then Fuegoleon shuts them all down himself. And yet throughout all this Dorothy seems to be fast asleep again. But then Nacht finally arrives at the meeting with Asta in tow, seemingly ready to give his own report.

This was certainly interesting. The second half was good to see the Captains back, but the real juicy part was the beginning with Nacht saying he hated Yami. So how does he mean that? I suspect it isn’t quite as simple as that. I could buy that they had a falling out over how to run the Bulls and Nacht left. Perhaps Yami sent him on this mission and he resents him for it. There’s no point speculating too much at this point, we will see soon enough I imagine.

The addition to the lore on Demons was cool too, if we start to get Anti-Magic Devil popping up on Asta’s shoulder like a literal devil on your shoulder ala Devil and Angel on each representing your good and bad sides that’d be awesome, could make for some great comedic moments with the rest of the characters reacting to it too

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Black Clover Chapter 263 Spoilers & Predictions:

So I think next chapter will be largely a lore dump. In that, Nacht is going to reveal what he learned during his mission in the Spade Kingdom, likely some more reveals about the Devils and whatever he knows of the upcoming plans of the Dark Triad. Yuno and Asta will reunite and oh boy that might be a tearjerker.

Both kids are in sore need of a hug at this point. Everyone is almost certainly going to have some sort of reaction to Asta’s arm too, though just what is hard to say beyond shock and worry.

Given Nacht’s attitude so far I can see him pissing some of them off. I wonder how many of them even recognise him, he seems to have been on this mission a while. Same goes for the Black Bulls themselves, if we see any next chapter it’d be interesting to see the cut-off point for members who know him, indicating just how long he was gone.

I think at least Vanessa, Finral and Gordon will recognise him as they’ve been Bulls the longest (aside from Henry but that was always somewhat mixed you know? He was technically a member from Day One but he had to keep to himself and didn’t show his face until the Eye of the Midnight Sun attack)

Black Clover Chapter 263 Release date:

Black clover manga is featured on MangaPlus and Chapter 263 should be available on 6 Septembre 2020 and Black clover 263 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 262 can be found Here. don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero acaedmia 283

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