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Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 256 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 255 Discussion:

So we just what Noelle had planned last chapter; a Sea Dragon’s Roar……at point blank range. Which is amazing….until Vanica immediately counters it with a Red Beast. But of course this is Black Clover so Noelle ain’t done yet (Madata intensifies in the background……). It seems she is about to awaken a new spell, and Vanica has an awakening of her own; memories of Acier and their battle. It seems Vanica took a child hostage to enrage Acier and push her further than ever, causing her to use a spell that it appears Noelle is about to unlock too.

So Vanica decides to get an even better fight out of her, she’ll instead take Loropechika back to the Spade Kingdom as a hostage and wait there for Noelle to come chasing even more powerful than before. But this plan does not require the Dark Disciples, so we find out just how little they really mean to Vanica; she turned them into living bombs, detonating across the Heart Kingdom and seemingly taking out large areas each whilst Vanica escapes with Loro in tow. Vanica is Megumin isekai-d into Black Clover confirmed? (swear i’m kidding…..). We then jump back to the Clover Kingdom where Yami and Dante are still fighting, and preparing to go even further in said battle

Black clover 255 was a great chapter, even if Noelle’s new spell failed it was fantastic to see, hopefully she gets to take out some others with that spell eventually. I’ve seen people complaining about lack of consequences and issues with power levels, but I feel now we’ve seen the whole picture per say it all comes back around. Yes the kids beat the Disciples, but then we find out the Disciples can essentially regenerate making the loss of the Spirit Guardians not seem like a cheap put-down. And given the size of those explosions, there is for sure going to be some damage yet even if the kids did a decent job. I’m slightly annoyed we never really saw the Mimosa fight, but hey maybe the anime will give it some more screentime.

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Black clover 256

Black Clover Chapter 256 Spoilers & Predictions:

in terms of Black clover 256: OK so I feel it’s pretty obvious none of the main cast is going to die from those explosions. The real question is just how severe the damage will be. I feel Luck and Gaja may have the same reaction; given their powers and speed, they may try to get as many civilians away from the blast zone as quickly as they can before eventually being engulfed in said explosion. Charmy’s Wolf and Sheep may protect her from the blast, both are certainly large enough to cover her. Hell maybe the Wolf will eat the Disciple and her explosion itself, certainly doesn’t seem out of the realms of possibilities. But she may use her magic to protect everyone else, though just how protection Cotton can actually give is another question.

Although it’s unlikely I’d love it if Rill turned up and tried to help/save Charmy. And then this starts the Rill/Charmy relationship……..ok not going to happen but they’d just make such an unsually cute mix of crazy and sweet I kind of want to see it happen. Leopold I have no idea but I’m guessing he ain’t gonna be looking too good after this. The one I’m really worried about though is Mimosa; she took that blast at essentially point blank range. She has healing magic sure but there’s only so much that can do. Plus with the others around, I could see her somewhat sacrificing her own safety to heal them first. She won’t die but I do feel she will take the absolute worst damage out of all of them. Unless Secre can somehow seal the blast but I suspect she’s a bit too stuck for that.

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I assumed Vanica was too young to have battled Acier, but it seems not. I wonder if either she just looks young or uses her devil’s power to make herself look younger. I’ve seen some suggest on Reddit, that the child Vanica took hostage was in fact a younger Nozel. To be honest that fits very well, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just some random child, Acier seems to be the type who would get mad about even just an innocent stranger getting forced into harm’s way. But Nozel would be better for the story, it would give him more background and show just how much he may indeed know about Megicula, the circumstances of Acier’s curse and death and what could be needed for defeating Vanica and Megicula. I’ve also seen suggestions that Vanica is linked to Vanessa’s mother, the Witch Queen. It makes sense given the way it was hinted that the Witch Queen know more than she let on when we met her, the fact she is seemingly so old and both she and Vanica have Blood Magic.

We’ll see more of Yami vs Dante clearly. They will exert more power, Dante may be about to use 100% of his Devil’s power. We haven’t seen him use his own magic yet which he apparently dislikes but given how he seems to heal from Yami’s slash it may be something to do with his flesh or muscles. Either way things are about to get messy over there….

Black Clover 256 Raw and where to read online:

Black clover manga is featured on MangaPlus and Black Clover chapter 256 should be available on 5 July 2020 Black clover 256 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 255 can be found Here. don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 277 & Dr stone 157

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