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What’s up guys? Chainsaw man just dropped a confusing new chapter and looks like Chainsaw man 76 will be a chapter that could be a turning point in the manga.The latest chapter finally addresses one of the biggest mysteries of the series: Makima’s true identity while also bringing forth the one and only Gun Devil in one of the most badass moments in the manga. And as we wait for Chainsaw man 76, which by the looks of this chapter, will be a total blast, let’s discuss what went down in this chapter. Do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga before reading on because this post will contain HEAVY spoilers.

Chainsaw Man chapter 75 Discussion:

Fujimoto’s reveal of Makima’s identity has only made her more mysterious. After about 74 chapters, we learn that Makima is not human. She is, unsurprisingly enough, a devil, that too the seemingly powerful Control Devil which can put other beings under it’s spell as she easily puts both Aki and Angel, who remembers his past and attacks her, under her ‘control’.

Her true motives are still rather unclear and maybe Chainsaw man 76 can provide us with more answers about the same. But it is implied that Makima’s intentions are to dominate the world and rule it with basically everyone under her control and that all the countries have given up on trying to stop her. Except one.

Like in a Hollywood movie, America, the land of freedom, refuses to bow down to Makima. The American President classifies Makima as an international threat and as a last ditch effort calls upon another Devil, by sacrificing one year from every American’s lifespan to defeat Makima.

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chainsaw man 76

The devil summoned, is none other than the guy previously thought to be the manga’s big bad: the Gun Devil and it descends on Japan in all it’s genocidal glory as it blasts away numerous adults as well as kids in an attempt to hunt down Makima. The names of the victims are presented in the subsequent pages as the terror inducing  and equally badass design of the Gun Devil is revealed.  It will be interesting to see what will pass between the terrifying Gun Devil and the crafty Makima in Chainsaw man 76.

CHAINSAW MAN 76 Spoilers & Predictions:

Chainsaw man 76 could either be a full blown out battle between the Gun Devil and Makima or be anti climatic and see Makima take control of the Gun Devil. Following Fujimoto’s style,the probability is higher for the second instance. It’s almost confirmed in this chapter that Makima is the big bad of the series and is likely planning to enslave humanity. And it’s also implied that she wanted the Gun Devil for this very purpose and that the Americans have played right into her hands. 

It is to be noted that Denji, Power etc are unaware of whatever’s happening but it’s safe to say that Denji will ultimately turn against Makima in a bid to save his friends and the world and will end up opening the door and save the day. The door is a mysterious territory that Pochita told Denji to never approach while Pochita and his origins and what he truly was is an even bigger mystery than Makima. The manga remains as unpredictable as ever but let’s hope that we atleast get more questions about Makima answered in Chainsaw man 76.

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Chainsaw man 76 releases on July 5th!

So what did you guys think of this chapter and what do you think will happen in Chainsaw man 76? Who is the real villain of the manga? Will Denji be able to save humanity? What could the door possibly do to him if he opens it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!! don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 277 & Kingdom 646

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