Read Chainsaw Man 85 Spoilers, Chainsaw Man chapter 85 Raw

What’s up guys? Chainsaw man dropped a pretty interesting new chapter this week which gives us glimpses into what the Chainsaw Devil is and what Makima’s goals are. Things also don’t really look good for our guy Kishibe in Chainsaw man 85 next week! Read on to find out what happened this chapter but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid spoilers in this post!

Chainsaw Man chapter 84 Discussion:

Last week we saw the Hell Devil get ripped into shreds but as predicted  that was just a shadow of what the actual Hell Devil is. This time the Hell Devil’s hand appears and drops Denji  into Hell as Kishibe points  a gun at Makima. Makima coolly explains that she can’t be killed and then goes on to explain her surprisingly  altruistic goals further: Makima wants to remove sources of human sadness from the world using, well, her own methods.

We also learn that she’s contracted with the Prime Minister  of Japan and any damage inflicted on her will redirect and get inflicted on some random Japanese citizen. So yes, she’s unkillable.  Surprising fact number 2, she’s a fan of the Chainsaw Devil who  she wants to control and she’s more than happy to die for the cause.

Talking about our hero Chainsaw man, he’s supposed to be a Devil so feared  that Kishibe  refuses to believe that such an entity could even exist. Explaining that the Chainsaw Devil is something that can erase even traces of memories of Devils it eats, Makima also calls him the Hero of Hell nthat helps others if called for help.

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Chainsaw man is also said to be responsible for the world forgetting  events like the World war 2, Holocaust and other similar historical crimes, tragedies and pandemics. Makima wants to use Chainsaw man to eradicate entities like war, famine etc.

chainsaw man 85

that cause human suffering. Her goal seems to be noble but her methods, not so much.  Even though she reveals  quite a bit of information this chapter, she still remains enigmatic. An interesting speculation  that is going on in the Chainsaw man fandom is that Makima, being an entity like a Control Devil, is the fourth Horseman of the apocalypse, Conquest. This chapter ends with the Chainsaw man coming back from hell in all his violent glory as a confused Kishibe is still pointing a gun at Makima. Looks like we will  see another interesting character bite the dust in Chainsaw man 85!


So we see Makima open up to Kishibe this week and Chainsaw man return back from hell. It’s not overkill to estimate that Kishibe will die in Chainsaw man 85 especially because Denji is basically not in control of himself and is on a rampage as a response to Makima’s request to save her. It is also unclear as to what ultimately  might happen to Makima since the Chainsaw man is known to kill those who have even called for his help. We still don’t know a lot about Makima so she’s probably still safe.

With Kishibe being one of the last prominent characters left alive, we could see a shift in storyline with his death in Chainsaw man 85. It will be interesting  to see how Denji deals with the aftermath of all this and how he deals with superfan Makima.

CHAINSAW MAN 85 Release date:

Chainsaw man 85 will release on September 18!
So what did you guys this think of this chapter and what do you think  will happen in Chainsaw man 85? Will Kishibe meet his end? Or will Denji snap out of everything and realize what he’s doing? Is Makima the villain or a misunderstood antihero? Share your thoughts in the comments below! One Piece 991 & Black Clover 265

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