Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 284 Spoilers, Bnha 284 Raw

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My Hero Academia 283 Discussion:

my hero academia 283 kicks off with Giga going absolute ape on the surrounding terrain, like the drug he was fed just turned off a part of his brain which did the thinking so now he’s just running on pure instinct which means he literally doesn’t have any inhibitions about just smashing whatever is in his path to get to Shigi.

The students that completed the drug plan are in shock, you can see Momo and the rest are feeling a sense of regret due to their failure however the adults heroes reassure them, saying what they did was the best possible plan and whatever happens after it isn’t the fault of the students, but the adults who couldn’t finish the job, the students need not feel any responsibility for this, they did their bit.

We see the doctor celebrating the news that Giga is going ape shit with delight, he knows that with Giga moving and Shigi being what he is, the hero society could well collapse right there and now if they meet up and all their dreams of crushing the old system will come true.

This is probably the closest the heroes have ever been to total annihilation, before this saga happened villains would probably fantasise about heroes just not existing in unrealistic ways, but here we are, those far fetched dreams are one step away from becoming a reality, this is like a miracle happening for the villains, and the doctor sure is basking in it.The scene now goes back to the main event, the fight with Shigi, who is now unshackled due to eraserhead being out of the game. Todoroki has arrived as timely backup and is able to cool down his father, quickening the time he can get back into the fight.

Eraserhead is unconcious, obviously after taking that battering and then having to cut off his own leg has clearly taken its toll, but now Shigi is back to full strength which is seriously bad news for the heroes who are in very bad shape already. Deku is seriously pissed about everything and is about to launch an attack when out the blue, Shigi suddenly shows all the damage he’s taken, his chest ruptures which is the sign that maybe he isn’t quite invincible yet, his body is unable to handle the power similar to how Deku is unable to use 100% of his without damaging himself.

We get a nice little update in the meantime, everyone favourite bunny girl Miruko is given a little cameo, she’s being carried by some other hero to get medical attention, and most importantly, she’s still alive, even though she’s basically road kill right now but at least she’s still alive.Back to Shigi, he has a regeneration quirk which heals up all the damage the quirk overload is giving him so basically the damage might as well not exist.

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Now that’s he’s got his powers back, all he needs to do is touch his enemy and his rot quirk will do the rest, but our boy Deku has other ideas, using his black whip he picks everyone up and launches himself into the air which reduces the damage that Shigis new OP rot quirk can do.The launch has brought up a much needed powerup for Deku, he has unlocked Nanas float quirk, and this is very important in the battle against Shigi, because if he’s in the air, Shigi has to make direct contact with them to use his quirk.

And Gran Torino is somehow still alive too, for now, which I guess is nice. But the next blockbuster for this action packed saga is going to be Shigi aganst his grandmas quirk, very symbolic as all Shigis issues can be traced back to Nanas choices, a butterfly effect starting with Nana giving up her son and ending with her grandson on the verge of destroying the system that she was once the face of.

My Hero Academia 284 Spoilers & Predictions:

in terms of My hero academia 284: Well now the Deku has unlocked another power we can kinda see the pattern of whichever past OFA heroes story is told deku gets their quirk so now he has super strength, black whip and can float. The fight is gonna go down with deku just hovering out of Shigis reach and using air smashes to wreck him, whilst the damage Deku delivers to Shigi and the damage Shigi inflicts upon himself will probably be enough to close out this fight and give everyone some much needed rest.

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my hero academia 284

As for Giga, I kinda expect for him to wreck shit for a bit then the drug will take effect and he’ll just collapse asleep maybe, or maybe some mystery hero will appear to take care of him. Still think the foreign hero thing could possibly come into play, but for now the fight is firmly gong to be focusing on how Deku deals with Shigi, which is interesting because Deku is multi tasking with protecting everyone with his black whip, and floating whilst obviously battling Shigi.

My Hero Academia 284 Release date:

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