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Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding kingdom 646 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of kingdom, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Kingdom Chapter 645 Discussion (Recap):

kingdom Chapter 645 starts off nicely. We learn that Mouten, Ouhon and Ri Shin are still apart of Ousen’s army. The Ousen army is currently stretched out against the the Kouchou army. Ultimately, Ousen decides to summon his generals to inform them of the battle plan. However, just as he’s about to do so a messenger comes in, and informs them that the King of Zhao has died. The news prompts Ousen to reconsider his strategy, because Prince Ka is considered a worthy king and the worst possible adversary of Qin. Ousen orders his generals to retreat to the second defense line, and await further orders.

Meanwhile in the Zhao capital, officials are arguing about what happened to the king. Kakubai tries to have the royal guard arrest and torture Riboku’s supporters in order to find out what happened. However, the royal guard refuses because they only take orders from the king. During the chaos, Prince Ka enters and assumes the role as king. He orders the Zhao prisoners who were known to be strong military officers or Zhao officials to be released. Finally, after about half a year Riboku is realeased.

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Prince Ka immediately requests for Riboku’s help in dealing with Qin. Riboku promptly orders for the dormant Kantan army to be deployed to the Kouchou army. Riboku and Prince Ka then order for Kakubai to be found and arrested. Unfortunately, for Zhao the royal guards cannot. Kakubai enters the palace with the kings favored concubine and her son. Kakubai orders for the late kings last order to be read aloud. Ultimately, to everyone’s dismay, Prince Ka is removed from the line of succession, and that the younger son Prince Sen would now be king. Prince Sen appears just as appalling as his father.

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This move would be considered as one of the greatest travesty’s for Zhao.

Kingdom 646 Spoilers & Predictions:

kingdom 646 will likely detail more of the shock of Prince Ka being removed from succession. Prince Ka will have to run away in order to avoid being killed by his demented brother. Ka will run away and will eventually from the state of Dai. As for Riboku and his followers, they will stay in charge of Zhao’s military affairs. King Sen will want to protect Zhao in order to serve his self interests as king. At least for the time being anyway.

We should also see more Ousen reactions to learning that prince Ka is no longer the king. I expect we will learn more of his plan, with how to deal with the Kouchou army.

I do not expect Riboku to join the front lines by Kouchou. Instead I expect him to head over to where Kanki’s army is. Maybe then we will get a hint towards what Kanki’s weakness is.

Kingdom 646 Raw and Release date:

kingdom Chapter 646 will be released on Thursday June 2nd. and fans will be able to discuss kingdom 646 on Reddit and other social platforms. You can read this chapter on for the best quality translated version. Please remember to support Hara-Sensei when Kingdom is released in English. don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 277 & Black clover 256

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