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Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Dr Stone 157 and Dr stone chapter 157 raw as well as a recap of the most recent chapter. Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Dr Stone Chapter 156 Discussion (Recap):

Dr Stone Chapter 156 begins with Xeno giving us some advantages of sniping, then we pan back to the boat where Luna is still trying to find out who the scientist is, meanwhile Senku is going to pump as much info out of Luna as he can.

We find out that Luna has a fetish for smart men, so she tries to find the guy she’s sexually attracted to and is surprised to see Taiju is Taiju, the lumbering mass of muscle. This confuses her and she’s definitely not attracted to him, but she does get all sparkly eyed when Senku tries to not so subtly get information about Xeno out of her.

The rest of the chapter is a typical Dr Stone chapter, this time the crew wants to make Ice Cream, so in normal fashion we get a quick run down of the ingredients required, the process necessary to create the vanilla essence flavouring, and in the meantime as this is happening Luna the moron still thinks Taiju is actually the scientist, even after Senku literally doing his experiments right in front of her face.

Even after speaking directly with Senku about his experiment, and after listening to it, and getting turned on (girl you so dumb like seriously even your fanny is getting wet over Senku and you still don’t realise) she still is solely fixated on poor Taiju, who seemingly will become a martyr at this rate.

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Dr stone chapter 156

We are left at the end of the chapter with one last rather large bombshell, when Senku asks Luna if Xeno was a NASA scientist, alluding to the connection between Senku and Xeno. Senku gives a vague elaboration where he states that when he first started building rockets Xeno was his mentor.

Dr Stone Chapter 157 Spoilers & Predictions:

as for Dr Stone 157: In a rather cliched manner we see that Senku and Xeno have some form of connection, however this is probably a one sided connection where Senku probably watched seminars online that Xeno provided, I doubt that Xeno would be too familiar with Senku directly. This is important as this connection will be used by Senku to convince Xeno not to destroy his kingdom, but rather collaborate with them, which should happen quite soon. I expect progress will occur quite quickly after the connection between Senku and Xeno has been fully established.

Dr. Stone Chapter 157 Raw:

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