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My Hero Academia 276 Discussion:

My hero academia 276 begins showing us the huge amount of damage that is occurring around the area where Shigi went on a rampage, showcasing the sheer destruction is the same scale as Kamino city, where AFO was still around.

Shigi gives the order to the his nomus to kill as many people as they can, which is something the heroes really don’t need whilst the evacuation is still happening, and the the league of villains are causing havoc all over the place.

Endeavour is still going after Shigi, now that eraserhead has sealed off his powers the chance to get rid of him finally has to be now. Endevour unleashes his strongest attack on Shigi, who somehow manages to deflect it with strength alone. This shows that even with Aizawa nullfying his quirk, Shigi is on another level now with strenght alone, which is similar to that of All Mights due to the remodelling experimentations that the Dr did on Shigi. All the hard work the Dr put into perfecting the Nomus seems to have been to prepare Shigi to be the vessel as the new AFO, and so far, it seems to be working just fine.

The scenes pans back to Deku now, where Gran Torino is trying to find the appropriate place for Deku to be put down so Torino can go back into action, but just as he’s prepping to leave, a whole load of Nomus show up and Shigi has just taken down Endeavour, standing on his chest whilst doing a mock pose that Endeavour himself did many chapters earlier when he beat the Nomu that attacked him and Hawks.

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Shigi has a short flashback where he recalls him talking to the Dr about the Nomus, as he can control Decay now, he was able to save some Nomus in their test tubes, although not all of them, which shows that his powers aren’t perfect just yet. The Nomus themselves are untested, so the Dr bestows the name “Near high end” onto them and they begin their own assault on the heroes.

The last sequence of events is Shigi who is now targeting his biggest obstacle, Aizawa, who is sealing off his quirks and keeping him from annihilating everyone. Aizawa is desperate to keep his class safe and wants to make sure he’s around long enough to see his students become fully fledged heroes, he doesn’t want to die yet and is ready to take on Shigi and do whatever it takes to kill him, but before Shigi gets to Aizawa, Deku intercepts him, with Gran Torino and Bakugo seemingly come to the decision that they have to take him out now, whilst his full powers are sealed.

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My Hero Academia 277 Spoilers & Predictions:

With Deku now directly confronting Shigi, the next chapter will see a huge fight, Shigi with his strength, and deku with his quirk. Can I see Deku pulling it off? No, I don’t think so, with Giga still yet to appear the whole situation looks hopeless and i’m not really seeing how this plays out. Is Aisawa going to survive? Is Gran Torino going to survive? These two certainly have massive red flags going into this fight, and honestly I don’t know how this battle will go, Shigi is too OP even with his powers sealed off he can still manhandle people like Endeavour with relative ease so how is Deku going to handle this. Will he awaken a new ability just in time that is perfect to manage Shigi?

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My hero Academia Chapter 277 Raw and release date:

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