One Piece 1004 Spoilers: Otama and Usopp Have a Secret Plan

Spoilers from the One Piece manga are again scattered in cyberspace ahead of the release of chapter 1004. The latest chapter will discuss the fight between Luffy and his allies against Kaido and Big Mama at Onigashima Castle.

However, One Piece chapter 1004 does not only focus on them. This chapter will also reveal the secret plan that Otama and Ussop carried out to fight Tobi Roppo.

Curious? Check out the One Piece manga spoilers chapter 1004 below.

One Piece 1004 spoilers:

The battle at Onigashima Castle is getting fiercer. But Luffy seems to be changing enemies, then Sanji will face either the King or Queen.

Meanwhile Otama and his two large beasts made it to Onigashima on the enemy’s ship, Speed. Previously, the ship had been tamed by Otama using a kibi dango.

one piece 1004 spoilers

Otama are known to have the power to create food, namely kibi dango from their cheeks. This power is able to tame wild animals such as baboons and komainu. In addition, Tama can also subdue animal power users.

In this battle, Otama and Ussop have devised a secret plan. They plan to fire the kibi dango Otama at the enemies. The goal is for Kaido’s followers to side with Otama.

On the other hand, Bao Huang managed to find the whereabouts of Akazaya Nine in a room. However, the Akazayas are not alone. There is one mysterious person who accompanies them.

Readers who are curious about chapter 1004 will have to wait a little longer. This is because the One Piece manga 1004 is rumored to be published on Sunday (14/2) on Mangaplus and other comic sites .

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