One Piece is approaching it’s 1000th chapter. Being one of the longest-running mangas in the world, One Piece is a story rich in lore. From the actual titular treasure One Piece to the possible main antagonist Imu Sama, the world of One Piece has a lot of unanswered questions and unsolved mysteries. One of the most enigmatic figures of the story is Joy Boy, the very guy without whom there would never have been One Piece. The original owner of One Piece and a messiah-like figure who existed 800 years before the current events in One Piece, Joy Boy is a bigger mystery than the treasure itself. Let’s delve into the rumors surrounding what or who this figure is and what this means for this story !!


Joy Boy is probably the most impactful character in One Piece lore and is said to have lived sometime during the Void century. During the void century, an entire kingdom called the Great Kingdom was eliminated by the World Government . Nobody except maybe a few selected characters, knows anything about this because the world government keeps this a secret and has even banned the study of the Poneglyphs which were invented by Kozukis to document this history. The events of the Void century and the truth about the Great Kingdom including it’s name are said to be so influential that they pose significant danger to the World Government. Here comes in the figure Joy Boy.

Joy Boy is a character closely associated with the Void century. Nico Robin reads his apology letter to the Fishman Island people on his Poneglyph in the Sea Forest and that is when we learn of this character who’s said to appear again in the current times to bring peace to people and help the Fishman Island people with an unidentified task for which he needs Noah. This basically means that one of the characters that we know is Joy Boy reincarnated. But we don’t even know who he really was 900 years ago. Many fans speculate that he was the king of the Great Kingdom and ended up dying in the War after he lost to the 20 kingdoms.

This theory is supported by the fact that he seems to be inspired from the Indonesian king Jayabhaya(translated to Joyoboyo in Javanese).King Jayabhaya is also prophesized to return or be born again to unite his people and bring in a golden time. Joyboy coincidentally has a similar prophecy associated with him in the story with his connections to Fishman Island. Even Kozuki Oden wanted to open up the severely isolationist Wano in time for Joyboy’s second coming. So it is safe to assume that he was the original king of the now non existent Great Kingdom who is possibly currently in the story as one of our favorite characters.

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The figure JoyBoy is a character with a great destiny. One that involves uniting the people and bringing peace. Fans believe that the giant Straw Hat that Imu sama possesses belonged to Joyboy. With this Straw Hat imagery, fans also believe that Luffy is Joyboy. Luffy evidently has a great destiny ahead of him as he aims to acquire the One Piece. Luffy befriends and even unites people wherever he goes. So he’s naturally assumed to be the perfect choice for being Joy Boy. There are some wild theories floating about in the fandom about JoyBoy as well as about who he is. Some say he was of the Giant race due that huge Straw Hat.

There are theories that Luffy is a JoyBoy clone or that has the original Joyboy himself who went back in time and that this was all a time loop. But there are also theories about other characters being Joyboy. Examples include Momo, Vivi and even Usopp. Vivi stands out here especially due to Imu sama’s interest in having her killed. And nobody ever said that Joyboy had to be a man.

It would surely be interesting if Luffy does not turn out to be Joyboy considering the destiny angle and how this is not a good plot device like we saw with Naruto where Naruto was a reincarnation of a demi god. Luffy being a reincarnation of Joy Boy could give an impression of the story being more about fate and destiny and could very well take the focus away Luffy’s dreams, goals and his choice to follow them. The sheer amount of theories and rumors about JoyBoy are too much to cover in single post. Joyboy theories range from him being having lived more than a hundred years to him being Uranus himself.

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Theories regarding the One Piece, which is said to have discovered before it was the right time to discover it open another door into a realm of wild theories. As Luffy and crew inch closer to the One Piece, let’s hope that the answers to all these mysteries are as mindblowing as the mysteries themselves!! Who do you think is the current Joyboy? Who was he 900 years ago? Was he a king, a giant or a leader of a secret clan? What is the One Piece? Will the reveal be worth the three decade wait? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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