One Piece Chapter 998 Spoilers, Raw scan Release date

What’s up guys? This week sees another brilliant new chapter from One Piece. Sanji runs to the aid of a mysterious woman, Marco arrives at the scene and Kaido showcases more of his dragon power that leaves the fate of the Samurai Pirate Mink alliance uncertain as we move into One Piece 998. Read on to find out what happened in this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 998 next week. Do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid getting spoiled by this post!!


The chapter starts with Sanji running off to aid the woman who’s cries he heard in the last chapter. He comes face to face with a screen behind which a woman is seemingly getting attacked by some kind of a lord. Sanji runs in to save the woman and gets stuck in a spider web instantly and realizes that the woman crying was simply a trap set up by Black Maria and her subordinates. This leaves Sanji stuck in a web and surrounded by a group of enemies. Luffy and Jinbe meanwhile reach the third floor as a group pirates wait to trap them on their way to the fourth floor but Luffy gets help from some of the revels from Udon who make a ladder for him so that he’s not forced to waste time on more enemies.



Big Mom goes up to the top of the dome via the performance floor and she leaves a gaping hole on the roof of the floor which leaves everyone perturbed as they are all vying for the cure to get rid of the virus. Zoro gets frustrated at not being able to make it to the dome top sooner and cuts Apoo down, acquiring the cure.

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Chopper meanwhile figures out the nature of the virus and advises everyone to keep themselves warm to prevent the spread of the virus till he prepares the cure. Robin converses with Zoro about how she also saw Kiku’s arm, which was previously cut off by Kaido, fall through the hole on the roof, which was what made him attack Apoo and destroy Queen’s gun. Zoro tries to figure our how to reach the top without wasting time on enemies like King and Queen when Marco arrives on the scene to aid him. An earthquake shakes the island which some believe to have been caused by Zoro using Conqueror’s Haki but he refutes that.

The earthquake is felt by everyone and shocks Yamato who’s rescuing Momo and Shinobu and has reached the port to see the sea itself missing. Yamato dejectedly explains to Momo that the earthquake was Kaido lifting the island using flame clouds to Momo’s horror. The chapter ends with an astonishing display of Kaido’s power as he lifts the island and moves it towards the Flower Capital!!

ONE PIECE 998 Spoilers & Analysis:

One Piece 998 will probably see an aftermath of Kaido landing the island atop the Flower Capital. We still don’t know what Kaido really is. Is he a human who ate a mythical zoan that transforms him into a dragon or is he a dragon who ate a devil fruit that transforms him into a human? Maybe we will get some kind of a backstory for Kaido in One Piece 998. Big Mom has gone to the top of the dome to join up with Kaido. We don’t know what her true intentions are.

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If she does team up with him, it will make their team the strongest enemy that Luffy has ever faced. But there are also the chances of her betraying him. Maybe we will get backstories about Rocks. The fates of the Scabbards are also in balance right now considering how no one stopped Kaido from lifting the island. Are they all defeated? Who is left standing? It will also be interesting to see how Onigashima lands on he Flower Capital. Will it fall? There’s also the looming possibility of a third party arriving at the scene.

ONE PIECE 998 Raw Scans Release date:

One Piece 998 will release on the 13th of December! So what did you guys think of this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 998? How many of the Scabbards are defeated? What will happen at the Flower Capital? What is Kaido’s true nature? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: Jujutsu kaisen 132 & Black clover 274 & My hero academia 294

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