Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 294 Spoilers, Bnha 294 Raw scans

Last time, in Chapter 293, Nejire got badly burned by Dabi during the fight but one thing kept her going despite her drastic injuries: Mirio! Mirio Togata, also known by his hero name, Lemillion, joins the fight and it looks like his quirk is back. Eri was training her Rewind quirk every day by using it on lizards and other reptiles who shed skin to rewind them back to before they shed it. Although his power isn’t back to its original glory, Mirio puts up a good fight against the League of Villains and charges in to assist Best Jeanist.

My Hero Academia 293 Discussion:

At this point, a huge reveal happened. When it looks like Best Jeanist and Lemillion are about to be surrounded, Bakugo flies in out of almost nowhere even after sustaining major wounds, and with a huge, crazy smile on his face, he declares his hero name to everyone: God of Explosive Destruction: Dynamight.

This could be a reference to his connection and admiration for the former No. 1 hero All Might by adopting the latter half of his name into Bakugo’s. As Bakugo shouts his new hero name, there is some comedic relief within the chaos as the heroes, and even some villains, make mocking comments on his name except for Mirio who respects Bakugo’s fighting spirit. With that, Bakugo demonstrates to everyone his sheer power by blowing away all the Nomus surrounding the heroes.

On the other side of the fight, Endeavor and Todoroki are still hot in battle with Dabi as Dabi grabs Shoto with Endeavor watching in utter horror and shock from still processing that Dabi is Touya Todoroki.  Deku arrives just in time to help and with both pairs of limbs out of commission for the time being, he invents a new variation of the Blackwhip quirk by shooting it out of his mouth. This came from the inspiration of Froppy and Deku screams “Don’t put this in a doujin!” to add some more comedic relief. He gives a small speech as to how Endeavor is not the man he once was and ask Dabi is about to retaliate, Endeavor quickly shoots up with a Flashfire Fist and knocks out Gigantomachia to help Best Jeanist. This is a huge turning point as the heroes have now found out from the mountain team (Creti, Red Riot, Pinky, etc.)

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MY HERO ACADEMIA 294 Spoilers & Predictions:

One main prediction I have right off the bat is that part of the mountain team will split off and join the fight. With the anesthetic proven to work against Gigantomachia, some forces will diversify to help out the heroes directly fighting the League of Villains who are in bad shape after Tomura Shiguraki’s All For One quirk strengthens. 

Another prediction is that Deku might awaken his fourth quirk, or his third new quirk. Now that most of his body is worn out or broken from non-stop fighting, the events that are pushing the manga forward are slightly hinting at Deku awakening another quirk to shift the balance of the war, even if it’s slightly. There should be three quirks left to reveal if Deku awakens his fourth quirk.

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My predictions for Deku’s fourth quirk might be another form of body manipulation or Transformation quirk most likely. With One-For-All, Float, and Blackwhip all being categorized as Emitter-type quirks, Horikoshi might introduce a Transformation-type quirk and it might be related to somewhere near his head region. His arms already have the compressed air shots as innovations as well as the Shoot Style for his legs, meaning that the next introduced quirk might have to do with his eyes or something of that sort. Another possibility for his quirk is another Emitter-type quirk which could have many possibilities

My hero Academia chapter 294 release date:

My Hero Academia 294 releases on the 13th of December!! that’s all for today guys, keep on eye in this post as we will be updating it in a daily basis by adding the latest spoilers as soon as they get out.

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