Death note: Donald Trump appears in The manga chapter.

The Death Note manga is back with a new chapter one shot that has given much to talk about in the last hours, due to the new plot, the new protagonist and the appearance of US President Donald Trump , who apparently wants to be The new  Kira

Spoiler alert!

Ruyk’s notebook ends up in the hands of a young man named Minoru , who decides to auction the Death Note to get a large sum of money, so with the help of  Ruyk he manages to launch an ad on a broadcast of a program that ends being seen by governments of different countries.

Donald trump death note

Before such an announcement, many countries like China begin to pronounce on the book and it is at this moment that we see the president of the United States, with an obvious resemblance to Donald Trump , who decides to offer a millionaire sum and ends up acquiring the book.

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But unfortunately, due to the circumstances the King of the shinigami ends up adding a new rule to the notebook which says: “Those who buy or sell a notebook of death will die.”

At the moment Ruyk  appears before the president of the United States, he explains that the person who buys the book will die when using it, while the seller will die when he receives the money. In addition, Ruyk tells him that even if the president dies, the notebook would stay in the human world and someone else could use it.

The president is scared at the beginning, but decides to keep the notebook, only he will not use it to preserve his life, preventing another country from taking over the power of the Death Note and starting a possible war.

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The manga is available here

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