My Hero Academia 272: Who will defeat the invincible Gigantomachia?

What’s up guys? Bnha 271 saw one of the most ominous villains of MHA getting ready to enter the battle, fans and readers are now more excited about my hero academia 272. Having been asleep for most of the PLF raid, Gigantomachia has woken up after sensing Shigaraki Tomura.

Famously called ‘a walking disaster’ by Gran Torino, Gigantomachia is the gigantic, tree uprooting, mountain flattening loyal follower of AFO who’s again, as big a mystery as the manipulative villain. He’s an extremely powerful being who served as AFO’s personal bodyguard even without being modified with quirks. He’s in fact so powerful that AFO asked Kurogiri to seek him out in case of his capture.

Even though it’s been more than 200 chapters since he first made his appearance, we don’t know anything about the range of his abilities. He was also asleep during most of what we saw of the PLF raid. Now that Shigaraki is on the brink of his awakening, Gigantomachia has sensed him and, to our heroes’ bad luck, has finally woken up! Gigantomachia is, as mentioned earlier, a game changing villain. His entry into the PLF raid battle could mean a massacre of the heroes present there. This was a guy who gave even Gran Torino trouble. Another possibility is that he could make a beeline for the Jakku Hospital where Shigaraki and Ujiko are being apprehended by top heroes like Endeavor, Aizawa etc.

Out of the two possibilities, the second possibility has more chances of happening as both Ujiko and Shigaraki do seem to need some immediate help. Wherever Machia plans to involve himself at, the heroes there would face serious trouble I am guessing that more pro heroes will die as they try to stop him from going to the hospital as the PLF raid was planned predicting that Machia will be asleep. With all this comes the question of how this invincible seeming villain with impenetrable skin and physical attributes that cannot be topped and who’s also said to be the fastest being in the My Hero Academia universe be defeated and which top hero is actually capable of defeating him? There’s only one hero I can think of, who might even stand a small chance of going tackling him.

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Edgeshot is the only pro hero capable of topping Gigantomachia’s speed. But even with his Foldabody quirk, Edgeshot would need serious help in incapacitating the Giant. He does have aid in his own team, with the gigantic Mount Lady and Kamui Woods but are they truly enough to bring down the foe? I don’t think so. And here’s where the Greek myth comes in.

Gigantomachia’s name is derived from a mythical Greek battle called Gigantomachy. Called the most important of battles in Greek mythology, Gigantomachy was a battle between Giants and Greek Gods for their right to rule over the cosmos. The Gods only won the battle with the help of a mortal, Herakles, more famously known as Hercules as he defeated the immortal Giant Alcyoneus.

How does this tie in with My Hero Academia? The seemingly undefeatable Gigantomachia could be the Alcyoneus here that the Gods, the pro heroes in My Hero Academia are having trouble with amd they would need a Heracles to help them win. The question is, who is the mortal that could help them? Of course, no mere human would be dragged into the battle. What I am betting on, is a UA student helping defeat Gigantomachia. Some of the UA students like Tokoyami and Kaminari are already on the frontlines having helped with the battle but it’s not any of them that I see bringing down Machia.

Remember that most of the UA students are stationed in the backlines to prevent random villains from escaping. They might come face to face with Machia who will try to go to Shigaraki at the hospital and be forced to deal with him. I am betting on Edgeshot trying his best to defeat Machia then and there and the Herakles that will probably help him bring down Machia is none other than Kirishima. Armed with a hardening quirk that could rival Machia’s, Kirishima is a guy who can actually provide valuable support to Edgeshot to defeat Machia.

His hardening quirk might only be what could inflict damage about Machia’s hard skin similar to how only diamonds can cut other diamonds. He’s similar to Heracles in that he’s also considered the epitome of bravery and masculinity in My Hero Academia. Kirishima also has a past with Gigantomachia that even made him question his spirit so it will almost be poetic that he gets a chance to bring him down. There are also some strange fan theories circulating that Gigantomachia could be Kirishima’s idol Crimson Riot, an iconic pro hero with a hardening quirk, who might have turned evil. If this theory does turn out to be true, Kirishima’s involvement in all this would be made more interesting



My Hero Academia 272 is hard to predict Chapter. We could see anything from Gigantomachia thrashing heroes left and right to Shigaraki waking up and dusting everyone. But, if some predictions are to be made, we will probably see Gigantomachia trying to leave the PLF mansion and go to Jakku with all the top heroes present at the mansion trying to stop him.

This Chapter could also finally show us what top 10 heroes like Wash and Yoroi Musha are capable of and what the true extent of Edgeshot’s ability is. My Hero Academia 272 will release on the 24th of May! So what go you guys think of Gigantomachia? Will he succeed in going to the hospital? Or will the heroes stop him in time to prevent it? Who do you think will defeat him? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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