Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 291 Spoilers, Bnha 291 Raw scans

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My Hero Academia 291 Discussion:

The chapter starts with Momdorki sitting in her room watching some TV, getting treatment at the mental health hospital when the transmission changes from the news to someone suspiciously Dabi looking.

The scene quickly changes back to the action, where OFA is in control of Shigis desecrated body, trying to figure out a way to get out of this mess. With Gigas arrival, OFA begins planning an escape, but Todoroki has other ideas, seeing Giga arriving has changed everything, and he must defeat Shigi before Giga arrives as fighting both at the same time would be a disaster. Nejire and Todorki unleash their most powerful attacks on Shigi at the same time, intending for it to be the finishers but Giga arrives just in the nick of time to take the brunt of that attack and nab Shigi before he’s utterly destroyed.

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We see that Bakugo has regained conscious, Ida is covering him and will probably get him some treatment for his tremendous wound he received earlier on, and as Giga holds on Shigis body, Endeavour regretfully apologises to Hawks for not being able to take out Giga and starts trying to come up with a plan to get rid of Giga, he knows he is seriously limited with all his injuries, then he just resolves his will, he HAS to do it, he is the number 1 hero of japan, it’s up to him to get them through this crisis. However, just as quickly as creating the resolve, a certain Dabi arrives, having travelled on Gigas shoulders, much to the displeasure of Endeavour, who realises he has to deal with the league as well as Giga.

Dabi starts talking to them, he also spots Todoroki as well which makes him even more excited. Endeavour snarls “Dabi” at him, but Dabi pours some liquid on his head, changing the colour of his jet black hair to a pale white colour, and reveals to many fans what they had already theorised for a long time, his name is Toya. For any followers of the series, we all know the implications of this, he has just confirmed that he is Endeavours so and Shotos older brother, who has been missing throughout the whole story, the brother that Shoto says was unable to control his power, well he’s been here all along as Dabi.

His recorded message is playing all over national TV, where he tells the nation how he has killed 30 people and the reasons why he became the way he is, how Endeavours quest to overtake All Might, a story we all know from Todoroki, led him to alienating his entire family, abusing Todoroki, breaking his wife till she ended up being committed to a mental hospital, he wanted to create a child stronger than himself so his child would live up to all of Endeavours own dreams, how he was broken by Endeavour for not being what he wanted, how when Shoto did become his ideal child Dabi wanted to kill him but then he changed his mind once he saw his fathers dream become real and how he bizarrely started wishing for his happiness, then he theorised that once he was number one he could finally look at his family again, how he could try and rebuild the family bonds as we’ve seen previously, how he could become a better man in the future.

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But no, “the past never dies“…..

Dabi/Toya is here to be an ugly spot on Endeavours record for the rest of his life, and he’s let everyone know about it via the TV broadcast, this saga will be a huge blow to Endeavours public relations and many people will surely be disgusted by the way he used to be. Dabi really is driving the knife into his fathers back with this, destroy his fathers dream of being the number one hero, then kill his golden child, Shoto, before ending him. A complete destruction is of the Todorki family is on the cards, at least in Dabis mind, and this is going to be one hell of a subplot climax.

My Hero Academia chapter 291 Spoilers and Predictions:

So this chapter really has set up for a three way duel, the league against the remaining heroes, Giga trying to flea with Shigi, and the Todorki family feud. The chapters this arc keep going more and more intense, more crazy, more madness and action, it’s really amazing to even think about what might come next in this hot mess of a situation.

Lets break it down, Dabi is about to start a big fight with Shoto and Endeavour, and whilst Endeavour is heavily injured i’m sure he’ll still be able to throw a little weight around in this situation, although the main showdown will come down to whether Shoto can hold his own against Dabis fire, which we know is very powerful, more powerful than his body can handle hence all the scars. I believe Shoto will win due to his ice powers, but it will be a tough fight once Dabi lets loose and shows us all his full power.

The other two fights will be interlinked of course, with Giga retreating with Shigi whilst the league will be trying to get rid of the remaining heroes so Shigi can make a clean getaway. Ida will be preoccupied with keeping Bakugo alive and Midoriyas status is his usual crippled self which is barely functional but will probably somehow pull through somehow, most likely Momos drug coming through maybe?

I’m also interested to see more of Nejires surge power, is it just swirly energy blasts or is there more to it? Being the only person not battered on the scene she surely will be able to tip the balance to the side of the heroes? Or we she just be flogged off being a female character in a shounen?

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In the latest chapter of My Hero Academia we see Dabi reveal his true identity as Endeavor’s first born, who was previously thought to be dead: Touya Todoroki, as a shocked Endeavor, Shoto and Deku watch on. He washes away his dyed hair color to reveal white hair that kids of the Todoroki family inherited from their mother Rei Todoroki.

Not only this, Touya also broadcasts a video across the world and even to his mother’s hospital room,with the help of Skeptic. In that video is Dabi explaining about Endeavor’s abusive behaviour towards his family and children. We learn that Touya was abused so bad that he would go to Natsuo and cry everyday.

Another major revelation is the fact that Touya also at a point, became so desperate that he wanted to kill his own younger brother Shoto to get back at his father. And another revelation is that Dabi was the one who sent villains like Ending to attack Endeavor so that he could revel in the glory of being the number one hero for a while and then be pulled down for the whole world to see. To a severely injured Endeavor, he says that he wants to dance with him in hell.

From all this it is obvious that Touya hates his father more than anything. He has done everything in his power to undermine and hurt his father’s position as the number one hero in Japan. But what does his last comment mean? Dancing in hell? Does that mean that he will kill Endeavor now? That’s what most fans interpreted it to be. But that seems improbable in the current situation. Dabi knows, very well, that Endeavor’s biggest desire was to surpass All Might, the then number one hero. Dabi makes it clear in his recording that Endeavor even had a eugenics fuelled marriage for the sake of this purpose.

Everything he did, including abusing his children and driving his wife to insanity and nearly destroying his entire family was all for this purpose. So the biggest punishment for him would be to see him lose his coveted top hero position. To see his dark past and his abusive side be exposed to the public. This would mean the end of public acceptance for him and also the end of a career that he built upon all this abuse. So Touya will probably let Endeavor be and leave him to experience all the backlash he’s going to get. But how can Touya hurt him more? By killing his most prized child Shoto. Yes Touya could try to kill Shoto in a last attempt to destroy Endeavor.

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But we all know that Shoto is the tritagonist of this series and that he’s not going to go down easily. Maybe Touya will try to kill Shoto but Endeavor could take the hit to protect Shoto and then die. This of course, might seem like a cop out for the character as he won’t be alive to face the ramifications of his actions. Another possibility is that, Jeanist could interfere in the nick of time in My Hero Academia 291 as we do see his plane in the last panel of this chapter. We could see Jeanist, Iida, Nejire etc. protect the injured and maybe even capture the league as Gigantomachia could escape with Shigaraki.[9:47 PM]


We could very well delve into more of Dabi’s past in My Hero Academia 291. We still don’t know what really happened to him due to which everybody thought he was dead. More of that might be revealed with maybe the revelation of Hawks and Dabi having been previously acquainted when they were young according to another popular fan theory. The Hero Commission could also be involved which might cause further public distrust for the heores. There’s also the possibility of the involvement of the thief called Takami who was caught by Endeavor before the start of the series. We could also be focusing on the reactions of Fuyumi and Natsuo next in My Hero Academia 291.

Bnha chapter 291 release date:

Usually The latest Boku no hero academia Chapters are available once they are released on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for My hero academia 291 are released 2-3 days before their official release date which is around the 8th of November and fans will start discussing the spoilers of Bnha 291 over our Reddit sub and other social media platforms. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps.So what do you think is Dabi’s plan? Will he kill Shoto? Will Jeanist arrive on time? Are we at the endgame of this arc? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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