One Piece chapter 995 Spoilers, Raw scans and release date

What’s up guys? So this week sees another action packed chapter of One Piece. This week’s chapter shows us the different situations happening across Onigashima. It also gives us a glimpse into Yamato’s past while setting up more awesome battles for One Piece 995. Read on to find out what happened in this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 995 but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga before reading on to avoid getting spoiled!

One Piece 994 Discussion:

The chapter starts with what the last chapter left off with: the Scabbards facing off against Kaido in his dragon form. Kiku whose arm was cut off by one of Kaido’s attacks is hurled away. Kinemon then cauterizes her wound using his sword and Kiku gets back on her feet to fight even though she’s just lost an arm. Kaido stops, turns back into his human form and states that he admires this determination that the samurais have. He also says that he admires how Gold D Roger and Whitebeard had glorious deaths and that death completes a person.

Kaido then challenges the samurai in his human form (which doesn’t look hurt at all). Kinemon rebukes him, tells him that there’s no glory in losing to someone like him and prepares to fight. Inside the dome, Luffy,Sanji and Jinbe have reached the first floor and face off against two new Smile users who are well, morphed creepily like a Giraffe and a Chicken’s backside. Sanji and Jinbe take care of them with ease.

On the Performance floor we see that a lot of people have turned into onis due to the virus Queen has released. And the onis attack friend and foe alike as Queen watches in Glee. Omasa is shown to be one of the people who’re affected. Queen says that the plague will kill the infected in an hour. Chopper meanwhile theorizes that Queen will have an antidote with him. Queen indeed does have it and gives the antidote to Apoo in front of everyone and orders him to protect it for an hour and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t protect it.

One piece chapter 995

Zoro then decides to procure the antidote so that Chopper can mass produce it. Inside another part of the dome, we see Yamato protecting Momonosuke and Shinobu. Then we get a glimpse of Yamato’s past as she’s seen attending Oden’s execution wearing a mask. She tells them how she wished she could save them then but she didn’t have the power to do so and reveals how she admired Shinobu’s speech then. Yamato then proceeds to protect Momo and Shinobu from the attacks of Sasaki’s forces. The chapter ends with Yamato teaming up with Momo and introducing herself using her real name!

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We see Yamato facing off against Sasaki so we’ll probably get the continuation of that fight in One Piece 995. We might get to see reveals of more of Yamato’s abilities. We see Luffy and the others on the first floor so it look like he’s going to ascend one floor per chapter. Going by the fact that something shocking is going to happen in One Piece 1000, Luffy will reach the top by then where he could then be facing off against Kaido. We finally get more info about how Kaido thinks.

He wants a glorious death. He wants his ‘amazing’ death to be legacy especially since his child defies him all the time. Will Kaido get the glorious death? That is a big question in itself. While Kaido is a villain and a yonko, he’s more of an honorable kind of villain. So he may actually get a glorious death. And Luffy will obviously not be the one to kill him since we know that Luffy doesn’t kill his foes.

It’ll be an interesting plot point as to how Kaido dies. There’s also a chance that he won’t really die and will play another major part in the story. What we can expect and maybe predict a bit about Kaido’s fight with the Scabbards is that we will see some or maybe all of the scabbards die. Maybe this will occur soon in One Piece 1000 as Luffy reaches the top!


The battle rages on in One Piece as Luffy ascends to the first floor and Kaido has returned to his human form to fight the Scabbards as Zoro tries to obtain the antidote for the oni plague from Apoo. These developments are very interesting set ups for One Piece 995 and unfortunately we’ll have to wait another week for the same but let’s discuss about a rather intriguing possibility surrounding Zoro in the upcoming chapters: an Oni Zoro! In the latest chapter of One Piece we see the effects of the plague that Queen mercilessly unleashed onto those on the performance floor. People started turning into onis left and right and have been unable to distinguish between friends and foe.

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To add to the turmoil, Queen also revealed to the poor infected folks that they will die within an hour. Chopper meanwhile discusses the possibility of Queen having an antidote with him and to make matters even worse Queen publicly gives the only antidote to Apoo resulting in everyone including the samurais led by Zoro chasing him. Queen also tells Apoo to protect the antidote by fighting off the pursuers or Queen will himself kill Apoo. This leads to the start of a massive chase.

Right now if we consider this part in the performance floor, while people are changing into Onis, the stakes don’t seem to be very high. The pursuers have one hour to get the antidote which could then be replicated by Chopper to cure the infected. We also have other top doctors like Law and Marco present and they could help deal with the plague. And the pursuers will probably win considering that this is One Piece and not Demon Slayer or Chainsaw man which mercilessly slaughter even their prominent characters.

We won’t see mass deaths. We won’t see prominent characters dying on the performance floor. So how can this battle be made more interesting and how can the stakes be actually raised without characters being killed? By transforming the important ones into Onis. And there’s no better candidate for that than Zoro, one of the central East Blue Five. So yes there is a high probability of Zoro getting transformed into an Oni in the process of chasing down the Apoo and obtaining the antidote or even while protecting somebody important while the battle goes down!

The theory by Reddit user Mc_Awesome101 is actually awesome. Zoro is already considered a demon in the lore. It will be cool to see him get hold of some Ice Onj Powers and battling the enemies. There’s also the minor problem of him losing control. Maybe that could occur but it doesn’t seem plausible that his friends are going to get hurt. He can maybe use the ice to his advantage? The user also points out that this could lead to a rather interesting fight between Zoro and King where the ice could actually serve as a good foil for King’s fire.

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There’s also the possibility that Zoro could get the antidote and give it to chopper instead of consuming it himself which could put Chopper in a spot too because of how he might have to choose between saving his friend’s life and the life of others. This development will keep Zoro away for a while from the Kaido battle. It will also be another one of the cool moments that Oda loves to give Zoro while also adding an extra layer of urgency in the story.

Luffy , Sanji and Jinbe will probably ascend to the next floor in One Piece 995 and they’ll probably reach the top of the dome in One Piece 1000. We might see some of the Scabbards or one of them die a brutal death as Kaido has turned human and is rearing to have a legendary death. The Scabbards don’t really care about death right now so it won’t be surprising if only a couple of them survive into the next act.

Another interesting battle would be Yamato vs Sasaki’s forces and the reveal of the extent of her powers. Of course we also have the Zoro vs Queen fiasco which could see him turn into an Oni. One Piece 1000 is bound to be something awesome and we’ll either get a huge cliffhanger or more information about something. Some fans believe that we might even get Zoro’s backstory in One Piece 1000.

One Piece chapter 995 release date:

One Piece is on a break next week so we’ll get to read One Piece 995 only on the 15th of November! So what did you guys think of this chapter? Will Kaido kill the Scabbards? How will he get his ‘glorious death’? How will the antidote be obtained? Will we see an Oni Zoro ? Who among the Scabbards will die? What will happen in One Piece 1000? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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