Read One Piece 992 Spoilers, One Piece chapter 992 Raw and Release date

What’s up guys? One Piece dropped it’s latest new chapter this week and we see new alliances forming as the battle rages on to One Piece 992! Read on to find out what happened this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 992 but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid spoilers in this post!

One Piece Chapter 991 Discussion:

So last week we saw Drake ask Luffy to allow him to team up with him against Kaido as he was outed as a spy and was also about to get murdered. Zoro refuses the alliance and makes it clear that they cannot trust Drake. Franky  and Jinbe agree with him and are wary of X Drake referring  to him as a turncoat and reminding him that even pirates have a code of honour.Surprisingly and to their annoyance, Luffy agrees to let Drake join them as an ally as Zoro proceeds to clash with Drake.

Ulti and Page One attack the Straw Hats as Usopp attacks them pretending to be Nami and become their targets. Luffy and Sanji plan to go up the dome and join Kinemon to fight Kaido and Apoo arrives to stop them. He calls out for the numbers and it’s revealed that there are ten of them in total. Apoo also calls for Hatcha for aid. Franky tries to lure Hatcha outside the dome as Drake who’s been fighting with a distrustful Zoro turns on Apoo and attacks him. Zoro then teams up with him to take on Apoo.

One Piece 992

Queen suddenly appears and shoots at them with some kind of mysterious bullets.
Atop the dome, Jack lies defeated by Inuarashi and Nekomamushi in their Sulong forms. Kaido, surprisingly, is worried about Jack and intervenes in the fight lauding Jack for fighting well and stating that the Minks in their Sulong form are too strong. As the Nine Red Scabbards and Izo look on, Kaido breathes fire mocking them to run away. Kinemon responds  by cutting through the fire and wounding Kaido. The chapter ends with the samurais preparing to battle Kaido making it clear that they don’t mind giving up their lives to bring down Kaido.

ONE PIECE 992 Spoilers & Predictions:

One Piece 992 will probably see the Minks and the Samurais taking on Kaido and very probably getting defeated. We could also see Drake and Zoro taking on Apoo. The bullets that Queen shot did seem to intimidate Drake and speculations are rife about what the bullets actually contained. It could be seastone/ Smile/some virus. Some people could actually  die because of the bullets in One Piece 992.

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We could also see Drake and Zoro fight Queen instead of Apoo. Luffy and Sanji are going up the dome but it’s actually pretty early for Luffy to face Kaido so they might have to deal with some other obstacle. Maybe they’ll end up battling the likes of Queen. We might also see Marco join the fight.Fans have not given up hopes of seeing the Marines or the other yonkos interfere which might  make the conflict even more big and widespread than it is now. 

One Piece 992: Who is the Lurking Legend?

The Lurking Legend is said to be a legendary( of course), figure or character in the One Piece lore who is intended to be the most troublesome enemy the Straw Hats will ever face. In fact this legend was called the greatest enemy of the Straw Hats in a much publicized 2017 interview by Oda. Oda also said that the legend would be a very big obstacle in the Straw Hats’path and could even be related to Whitebeard. All in all, the lurking legend is considered to be a powerful historical figure who’s not necessarily extremely powerful but will have a huge impact on how the story of One Piece shapes up. Now, as stated before the figure needn’t be an all powerful Yonko or somebody like that. The key here is the amount of impact the figure will have on the story which is going to be, a lot. Speculations about who this lurking legend is, are still in going in the One Piece fandom.

So are the top candidates for the lurking legend? A lot of fans believe that the lurking legend is the combination of the Big Mom and Kaido forces. This mainly stems from the fact that Big Mom and Kaido are two incredibly powerful Yonkos who have teamed up to take on the Straw Hat and the alliance. Kaido is so powerful that he himself was once rumored to be the lurking legend but now with Big Mom in the fray, the obstacle has gotten so insurmountable7 that this could be easily termed the biggest obstacle the Straw Hats have ever faced. Formerly, both Kaido and Big Mom, along with Whitebeard were members of the Rocks pirates led by Rocks D Xebec who is ultimately said to have perished in the God Valley incident.

With Kaido and Big Mom joining forces, the marines were alarmed saying that the Rocks have returned as they were legendary for their violent nature. Due to the sheer magnitude of the impact this alliance could have on the story, the Big Mom and Kaido forces are speculated to be the ‘lurking legend’ by a lot of fans. Another interesting candidate for the lurking legend is Shiki, again a former crew member of the Rocks Pirates and the first known prisoner to ever escape from Impel Down and has been hiding himself for the past 20 years.

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The legend, mainly because it’s said to be the deadliest enemy the Straw Hats will face, could also be the infamous Im sama. Im sama is the most powerful figure in the World Government, who even the five elders bow to and is also the holder of the empty throne, making Im the literal emperor of the world. So it won’t be surprising if this enigmatic person is the one who will be the Straw Hats’ biggest enemy.Another very interesting theory is that the lurking legend is none other than the violent notorious former Captain of the Rocks Pirates, Rocks D Xebec.

This man is said to be dead but it was never explicitly stated if he really died. Rocks D Xebec was so big a legend that he led three of the current four Yonko in their youth among other important pirates. He was also one of the first enemies of Rogers. In an incident that resulted in the disappearance of an entire island, the Rocks Pirates were defeated and disbanded and Rocks D Xebec also defeated by the combined efforts of the marines led by Luffy’s grandfather Monkey D Garp and the Rogers Pirates.

This led to Monkey D Garp being proclaimed a hero among the marines. It’s u clear what happened to Rocks exactly but he’s said to have died in the incident. Many fans speculate that he himself is the lurking legend and may actually be alive. Others say that he’s dead but his will is what will be the biggest enemy that the Straw Hats will face, in the form of the numerous foes who have been influenced by Rocks. Who ever maybe the lurking legend, it’s highly probable that we’ve met the character before.


While it’s not sure if the lurking legend has made his appearance in Wano or not, we’re seeing some important battles going on there. Kaido is currently facing off against the Samurais and the Minks after Jack was defeated while inside the dome, Zoro and Drake have teamed up to fight against Apoo as Luffy aims to go atop the dome to fight Kaido. It’s highly probable that the Samurais might face a defeat and even end up losing their lives to Kaido. This is mainly because its too early for Kaido to be defeated in the arc and also based on how powerful he is.

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Kinemon did manage to injure Kaido but it’s to be seen if the samurais can really hold out against him even with the assistance of the Sulong Minks. Luffy also will probably not make it atop the dome soon and will get engaged in battle against the likes of King or Queen or even Big Mom. It’s also possible that external forces may get involved because of X Drake.

One Piece chapter 992 release date:

There’s apparently a two week break for the manga so we’ll probably see the release of One Piece 992 only on October 16th.
So what did you guys think of this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 992? What was in  the bullets? Will the samurais beat Kaido? Will Luffy reach the top of the dome? who do you think is the lurking legend? Have we already met them? How have the impacted the war? What will happen in One Piece 992? Will the Samurais give up their lives? Or will Kaido fall? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 288 & Black Clover 268

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