Chainsaw Man chapter 93 spoilers, and Raw scans release date

What’s up guys? This week sees a rather somber chapter of Chainsaw man and it looks like we might see a confrontation between Denji and Makima again in Chainsaw man 93. Read on to find out what happened in this Chapter and what might happen in Chainsaw man 93. Do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid spoilers in this post!!

Chainsaw Man chapter 92 Discussion:

The chapter starts with Denji and surprisingly Kobeni being taken to a hideout by Kishibe as Makima hunts for them. Kobeni is taken in because she was a witness to whatever happened. As Kishibe explains to Kobeni that she might have to stay hidden forever and may never get to see her family, she’s actually seen to be happy about it as she wanted to get away from them.

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There’s this back and forth between Denji and Kobeni about their lives and the lives’ meanings. Kobeni tells Denji that he’s very lucky that he gets to revive again and again even after he dies while she is very scared of dying even though not a lot of great things happen in her life. Denji says that his mind is all messed up due to what happened to him and how felt that he was controlled by everyone.

He makes it evident that he’s not entirely fond of living since he would have to be somebody’s dog. The talk about this existential crisis goes on as Kobeni says that this is what most lives are like and tells a surprised Denji that this is what it means to be normal. Maybe this also puts into perspective for Denji that what he wanted in life may not have been what he actually wanted when he heard what Kobeni had to say. This of course makes Denji question his existence too seen be his facial expressions.[9:16 PM]There were previous speculations that Denji would be extremely angry at Makima and would be rearing to go attack her for what she did with him and Power. But we see Denji, instead at this low point where he questions everything and is seemingly depressed too.

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We then cut to the TV where people, tons of people are cheering for Chainsaw man and fans with banners proclaiming how he is some sort of hero as Denji is probably feeling disgusted at what he’s seeing in TV when he’s going through what he’s going through. It’s almost upsetting to see Denji confused and in the process of trying to process his feelings while Kobeni sits there dawdling in existentialism. The chapter ends with Denji watching the TV as crowds continue to cheer for Chainsaw man.

CHAINSAW MAN chapter 93 Spoilers & Predictions:

so as for chainsaw man 93, Looks like we’ll see the trio act against Makima in Chainsaw man 93. We see Kishibe mention to the duo that they have an early start the next day. This could mean that they are either moving onto a new hideout or are going to hatch a plan to take down Makima. It’s probably the latter as this chapter seemed like a calm before the storm in many ways. As to what the plan might be, is very unclear. We could very well see a plot dealing with the PM of Japan as it is the guy who Makima is contracted with.

It also could involve making Makima be liked by the people and de powering her and then attacking her as fans speculate on various forums. We did see Power get out of Makima‚Äôs control previously so yes, she’s defeat able. It does also look like Kobeni will survive till the endgame as she’s been surviving everything that was being thrown at her. But we might see Kishibe get killed as soon as Makima catches up with them. It’s clear that Chainsaw man is in it’s endgame now and going by Fujimoto’s previous work Fire Punch, it could be that Kobeni might end up being the sole one left while Denji goes to Hell to find the Blood Devil.

CHAINSAW MAN 93 Release date:

Chainsaw man 93 will release on the 15th of November!So what did you guys think of this chapter and what might happen in Chainsaw man 93? Will Makima catch up with the gang? Or will they hatch a successful plan to undermine her? What do you think is the endgame? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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