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What’s up guys? One Piece dropped it’s latest new chapter this week and we see the battle heat up intensely in Wano. Luffy is making his way to the top as Kaido fights the samurais atop the dome and the battle gets more dangerous. Read on to find out what happened in this chapter and for early One Piece 994 spoilers too! But do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid getting spoiled!

One Piece Chapter 993 Discussion:

So this week we see the chapter start with the citizens of the Flower Capital being all cheerful and celebrating their Fire festival. They seem to hate and fear Orochi and Kaido and are hoping that the Red Scabbards would defeat Kaido and bring peace upon the land. We then see the various happenings inside Onigashima as Queen’s bullets called ‘Ice Demons’ turn people into Onis or demons with them growing horns, eyes and turning into literal full demons and attacking others.

We also see Luffy and Sanji going on towards the dome and arguing about whether or not to get involved in the other battles. Sanji advises Luffy to save up his energy for Kaido. They then come face to face with a Beast Pirate member named Briscola. Later on we see Jinbei arriving and deciding to help them reach the top of the Skull Dome. Elsewhere we see Momonosuke and Shinobu getting attacked by the Beast Pirates on the orders of Queen as he labels them usurpers and asks for Momo’s head. Sasaki and some of the pirates find them with the help of Bao Huang and attack them more but Yamato steps in and decides to protect them.

Atop the dome we see Kaido battle the Scabbards. As the samurais plan to attack him, he gets up and belittles them saying that they’ll never defeat him as they’re not as strong as Oden and that their cuts are too shallow to deepen the old scar that Oden gave him ages ago. He then proceeds to unleash a flurry of invisible wind cut like attacks on the shocked samurais which hit Kiku as her left arm flies off.

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This right here is an interesting occurrence and might indicate how this might be where the arc takes a turn for the worse. This is probably where we’ll see the arc enter the third act and might result in a lot of tragedies. The samurais all could meet brutal ends at the hands of Kaido and this could very well serve as motivation for Luffy to beat up and defeat Kaido later on.


So the earliest of spoilers for One Piece 994 are out and while not a lot, the spoilers say that the chapter is titled ‘My Other name is Yamato’. So this could mean that the story could be focussing on Yamato next week rather than Kaido’s fight. Yamato might be saying this to Momo as he protects Momo from Sasaki.

We know that Yamato has this whole identity issue. Yamato hasn’t really come to terms with who he is. While he’s Kaido’s child, he also admires Oden and considers himself to be Oden. It’ll be interesting to see how Momo will react to the fact that Yamato is actually Kaido’s child.

We might also get Sasaki’s Zoan reveal with many speculating that he’s a Triceratops.There are also speculations that One Piece 994 will see a death due to the numbers 9 and 4 and their connection to Japanese mythology so that will be bad news. We probably just saw the start of the downward spiral of the samurai battle this chapter. The chapter could also end on a huge cliffhanger as this is a volume ending chapter.

One Piece chapter 994 release date:

Unfortunately for us, there’s also a break the next week! One Piece 994 will release on the 1st of November 2020! So what did you guys think of this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 994? Will we see more of Yamato’s story? Does Yamato have a Devil Fruit? Will all the samurais die? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: chainsaw man 91 & Black Clover 270

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