Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 262 Spoilers, Predictions and Release Date

Hi guys! This week we’re going to discuss Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 262. heavy Spoilers, Predictions and release date are given below. if you don’t feel you’re catching up with the manga, feel free to leave the post. Otherwise, keep reading.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 261 Discussion :

This week in My Hero Academia, we got a solid continuation of the Jakku Hospital Raid by the heroes. The chapter starts with Mirko looking like a total badass and blasting through doctor Ujiko’s lab.(FYI, the doctor’s real name has been changed to Kyudai Garaki). The first casualty of the battle is revealed to be Johnny, the Nomu used for warping by the doctor. With Johnny dead and Ujiko stuck in the lab, he gets desperate and plans to release the High Ends he was working on. An interesting thing we learn here is that the two nosed nomu, Mocha chan,who’s with the doctor can use Twice’s quirk and create clones on his own volition. He uses the quirk to distract Mirko giving Ujiko enough time to release the High Ends. Remember, the High Ends are sentient beings, can talk and now seem to want to kill all the heroes. Mirko is left alone in the lab facing the High Ends. She’s injured but she doesn’t seem fazed and is her usual confident self.

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Now there are two things I liked here. Mirko is getting good screentime. If you’ve followed the manga, you’ll know that Horikoshi is infamous for not giving his female characters moments to shine but looks lile he’s going to change that with Mirko. Another thing is the doctor. While we know he’s the evil right-hand man of AFO, he seems to genuinely care for his creations as we see him cradling John Chan’s corpse and telling him that he did well. That’s a nice bit of character development.

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Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 262

The nomus also seem to be devoted the doctor as Mocha chan protects the doctor from Mirko by creating a clone without being told to do so. Mirko doesn’t have any back up as of now. Endeavor and the other pro heroes are battling nomus in the upper floors of the hospital while Crust, the no.6 pro, who was with Mirko reaches the lab after taking out a group of nomus along the way, only to face another High End who Ujiko lets out. Crust, like Mirko also seems to be an extremely powerful pro hero as he took down a bunch of nomu alone.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 262

The team of heroes that was evacuating people from the hospital have finished the evacuation so Mirko might get backup soon. Here are some things we learned this chapter: The nomu production, obviously wasn’t going great since AFO got incarcerated. The High Ends Mirko is facing are probably not as strong as Hood(the HE who battled Endeavor) as High Ends need atleast 10 hours to stabilise. Another interesting thing is that there is a second passage that leads to the outside from the lab. It could be where Ujiko might escape from.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 262 Spoilers, Predictions :

Look like we’re going to get a continuation of the raid at the hospital. We will get to see Mirko battling the High Ends with Endeavor and his team coming in to help. And hopefully, we will also get to see Crust’s quirk in action. The PLF mansion Raid: Unfortunately, we don’t get to see what’s happening at the mansion or if the heroes have started their attack on the mansion. But with all the happenings in the hospital, Ujiko might have alerted the villains and the heroes might lose their element of surprise.

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The villains will most definitely also send backup to help the doctor escape and retrieve Shigaraki Tomura. What are Deku and the others doing? Our main characters Izuku,Bakugo and Todoroki are with Endeavor’s sidekick Burnin, helping her evacuate the city. With backup villain squads being sent remaining a high possibility, we might get to see our beloved origin trio along with others like Ochaco and Tsuyu in action soon

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 262 Release Date and Where to read online :

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 262 will see a release only around March 2 , as MHA is on a pre-planned one-week-long hiatus. So What did you guys think of the recent chapter? And what do you think will happen in the next? Will we finally get see the PLF mansion raid? Do you think Ujiko successfully escaped? Let me know in the comments below. You can read the chapte once it released Here (the link will be updated)

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