Boku no my Hero Academia chapter 270 is Shigaraki really dead?

What’s up guys! This post will discuss My hero academia chapter 270. There will be spoilers ahead, so please read on only if you’ve caught up with the manga!

My Hero Academia Chapter 269 Discussion (spoilers) :

The Prince of AFO’s empire is finally out of his slumbering chamber! But fear not, he’s apparently dead(out of all the people in this arc, you didn’t expect Shiggy to have a death flag did you?) so all our favourite heroes are safe as of now. Yes, even Mirko. Mirko is very seriously wounded but Endeavor has ordered her not to die as he apparently owes her a debt after the Kyushu encounter,so she’s hopefully going to be alright.

Aizawa is tactfully battling the other nomus as Mic and X-Less go on to where Shigaraki is to prevent him from waking up. Crust and Aizawa battle a nomu to make way for them. Present Mic the uses his acoustic quirk to burst Shigaraki’s tank to Ujiko’s horror and punches Ujiko as he remembers the moments he shared with Aizawa and Shirakumo. XLess observes Shigaraki who has fallen out of the tank and notices that he is not breathing and that his heart is not beating implying that the main villain of the series is dead. This is one of the biggest red herrings in the series in my opinion.

This especially mirrors the Kamino ward arc where the heroes were seemingly winning in the beginning until AFO made an appearance.
In a truly badass moment(Ryukyu was especially badass) that, for me, made up for the slow chapter last week, the other top heroes enter the lab and defeat the nomus with the help of Endeavor. Ujiko later tells Mic how Shigaraki was in suspended animation to facilitate his transformation. He is traumatized after he was unsuccessful in waking Shigaraki up and explains how his entire life was for Shigaraki and to fulfil AFO’s dream. The chapter ends with Ujiko continuing to lament about AFO’s dream failing with a rather eerie panel of AFO at the end.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 270 Predictions:

Shigaraki is dead. I don’t believe he is, even for one moment. He was being built up as the main villain all this time and it’s highly unlikely that he’s dead so soon. So we might actually see him wake up next week. We also got a mysterious panel of AFO, so he might also make an appearance in My Hero Academia 270.

There are speculations that we might me in for jail break arc in the manga. Present Mic and Aizawa have huge death flags as of 269, so they might be the first ones to fall when Shigaraki wakes up and starts attacking.Or we could get the PLF mansion raid perspective where the last thing we saw was Tokoyami saving Hawks from a maniacal Dabi. Dabi had even revealed his true identity to Hawks which had surprised him. Dabi is intent on killing Hawks but with several top heroes at the PLF mansion and students like Tokoyami assisting Hawks,it doesn’t look like Dabi is going to achieve his goal as of now.

Dabi’s real identity will also likely not be revealed to readers anytime soon as Dabi and Endeavor are yet to interact in this arc. We also haven’t seen any of our main characters yet. And it looks like the manga is heading towards a convergence of the two parallel perspectives after which we might get a glimpse of what the main trio were upto all this time. 

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 270 Release date :

We’ll have to wait a bit longer as the manga will be on a hiatus this week due to The golden Week so bnha Chapter 270 will release only on 10th May as The golden Week is taking This Manga runs on a weekly schedule meaning that new chapters are released once every week and are 7 days apart. until that date, you can check our latest posts: Kimetsu no Yaiba 204. So what are your speculations for My hero academia 270? Is Shigaraki really dead? Will AFO make an appearance soon? Will Shigaraki wake up and wreck havoc? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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