My Hero Academia chapter 267 Spoilers, Raw scans Read online?

Hey guys!! Here we go again to discuss My hero academia chapter 267, Raw scans and Discussion are given below. This post will contain HEAVY spoilers for this Chapter, so please turn back here if you need to catch up first.

My Hero Academia Chapter 266 Discussion (spoilers) :

Chapter 266 of My Hero Academia was one of the most emotional chapters in the entire series. As the war between the heroes and the villains rages on in the PLF mansion, we bid farewell to a fan-favorite character this week. Twice. Yes, everyone’s favorite space cowboy has died. Chapter 266 starts with Hawks having escaped with Twice from under Dabi’s flaming foot. Dabi, with Twice’s encouragement, continues to attack Hawks who has burnt all of his feathers while an injured Twice is asked to help the other villains by Dabi. Twice and Dabi share a high five and Twice scrambles on to go help Toga and Compress who’re getting chomped by a hero. Hawks, ever the fastest is then shown appearing in front of Twice, stabbing him with one of his feathers. Some clones of Twice however do manage to escape and help Toga and Compress by taking out the chomping hero. Ine clone conveys Twice’s last message to Toga and melts away in her arms as a confused Toga and Compress watch on.

My Hero Academia chapter 267

This Chapter undoubtedly showcases some of Horkoshi’s best writing. Starting with Dabi, the high five between Dabi and Twice shows that Dabi might actually care about his comrades. Dabi’s inner monologue about Twice also indicates the same. Dabi knowing Hawks’ real name of Keigo Takami indicates that there’s something more about him other than him being the lost Todoroki sibling. Twice was given a wonderfully emotional end to his arc with his monologue about how lucky and happy he was to be with the League. But the best written this chapter was again Hawks who will probably overtake Endeavor as the best-written character in the story with him crossing moral lines for the greater good.

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 267 PREDICTIONS :

I am expecting another well-written Chapter next week. Twice is apparently dead and Dabi will not be happy with what Hawks did. So, we could see Dabi going all out against Hawks. Hawks is injured as of now and most of his feathers are burnt. It would be interesting to see how he battles Dabi. There’s also a chance that the Toya Todorki reveal might happen soon. We might get to a glimpse of Dabi’s past any moment now. It would be safe to say that Hawks could have also been a part of Dabi’s past with Dabi knowing his full name. Hawks seemed very surprised at that indicating that Hawks’ name might be some sort of a classified secret. It’s indeed a very interesting development.

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There are many speculations that Dabi could be linked to Hawks’ past via the thief Takami. Takami was a thief arrested by Endeavor 7 years before the start of the story. It would be interesting to see how the reveal plays out since all the main players Dabi, Endeavor and Shoto are in three different locations. We might also see a perspective shift to the hospital team where the last thing we saw was Mirko facing the High Ends and Ujiko speeding up Shigaraki’s awakening.

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My Hero Academia CHAPTER 267 Official Spoilers:

Due to the fight, Hawks is tired, so Dabi steps on him again.
Mirko fights desperately but decides to go straight to the Doctor.

Mirko’s right leg is impaled.
Tokoyami arrives to save Hawks, while Endeavor is saving Mirko

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 267 official Raw:

My Hero Academia chapter 267
My Hero Academia chapter 267

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 267 Release date :

bnha chapter 267 will see a release on April 5. This Manga runs on a weekly schedule meaning that new chapters are released once every week and are 7 days apart. So what did u guys think of this Chapter? Is Twice really gone? How will the injured Hawks fight Dabi? How does Dabi know Hawks’ real name? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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