My Hero Academia Chapter 266 Spoilers, Raw scans Read online?

Hey guys! We are going to discuss Chapter 266 of My Hero Academia in this post. As usual, this post will contain heavy spoilers. So please turn back if you don’t want to be spoiled.

My Hero Academia Chapter 265 Recap (spoilers) :

Chapter 265 is another interesting Chapter in this arc with the PLF mansion raid continuing. FatGum, Suneater and Tokoyami are seen attacking villains at the passageway leading to Redestro. We see a cool and intelligent transformation from Suneater, a part of the UA big 3, with a centaur-like form and pineapple whips. Tokoyami unleashes Dark Shadows’ power in the dark passageway where he’s able to take out Redestro quickly due to his prosthetic legs breaking.

Surprisingly, we also get to see Gigantomachia sleeping in a corner there and luckily won’t wake up and battle until Shigaraki gives the orders to do the same. We also see Hawks and Twice in battle where Hawks easily takes out Twice clones and has Twice cornered. Twice is hell-bent on protecting and fighting for his friends. (Horikoshi draws the fight panels here brilliantly). But Hawks gains the upper hand and nearly incapacitates Twice when Dabi bursts open the doors with his flames. Hawks falls to the ground while saving Twice from the flames. The chapter ends with Dabi stepping on Hawks and burning him.

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 266 PREDICTIONS :

The next Chapter will surely show us if Hawks really fell prey to Dabi’s flaming foot. Being the #2 hero, I expect Hawks to have escaped that attack. We could also see a face off between Twice, Dabi and Hawks. Now, that would indeed turn out to be bad for Hawks but we must not forget that Fatgum, Tokoyami, and Tamaki are on their way into the mansion and could very well reach Hawks in time and help him battle the villains. Gigantomachia being in the mansion all this time was very surprising. It’s a frightening prospect if he were to suddenly wake up due to being hit by some rogue attack. We saw Redestro go down in Chapter 265 but I am sure that’s not the last we saw of him.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 266

Redestro was the previous, extremely powerful leader of the MLA so I am sure it would take more than a push from Tokoyami for him to be taken out. We also haven’t seen other PLF members like Toga, Spinner, Compress or Geten in action. For all we know, Toga could be out there disguised as a hero. While Chapter 266 is probably going to continue in from where Chapter 265 left off, we could also see what’s happening at the hospital where the last we saw Mirko and Crust facing off against Ujiko’s High Ends or we will finally get a glimpse of what’s finally going on with the evacuation team where our main trio are. don’t forget to check our latest posts: black clover 245, kny 200, Kingdom 636

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 266 Release date and where to read online :

bnha chapter 266 will see a release on March 29. meanwhile, you can read bnha 265 Here. so what did you guys think of this Chapter? Will Hawks survive Dabi’s attack? Will he get help? Are the heroes winning too easily right now? Will Gigantomachia awaken and wreak havoc? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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