Kingdom Chapter 631 Spoilers, predictions and Release Date.

Hello everyone, Today we’ll be discussing Kingdom chapter 631. Release Date, Spoilers, and predictions are given below. if you don’t like spoilers feel free to leave the page. Otherwise, keep reading and let us know what you think in comments

Kingdom chapter 631
from Chapter 630

in the previous episode, Shin was confirmed dead. The Yi-Shin unit was shocked and couldn’t believe their captain is not moving. pain and grief were filling everyone heart’s until Kyou Kai tried to rescue Shin using a 1000-year-old forbidden technique.

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but things are not that easy. so what’s will happen in the future, I would like to suggest some predictions: 

Kingdom Chapter 631 Spoilers Release date :

Will Shin be saved?

At the beginning of Kingdom, there is a picture of Shin becoming a general, so I guess he will never really die. and surely be revived by Kyou Kai.

It is expected that Kyou-Kai’s baned technique will bring him back to life.

However, Kyou Kai is also important for Shin.

If Shin knows kk has used his magic to give up her entire life for him. will he take it honestly?.

I don’t think it’s going to be smooth, so maybe a few more episodes are necessary before Shin can be brought to life.

The road to the greatest general is quite far away now.

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What will happen in the second world?

back In 630 episodes. all who came to use the forbidden technique must enter 2 different worlds. The first one is pure white, where Kyou Kai meets Yuuren and expressed her will to give up her life to save Shin.

Yuuren called kk a fool and sent her to the second world.

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Contrary to the entrance, this time is a dark place called “Space between heaven and earth ” a world when you can see the soul of a dead body.

Kingdom chapter 631
Last leak from Chapter 630

I guess that Kyou Kai will persuade Shin to resurrect his life however I don’t think the persuasion will go smoothly, so I ‘m sure there will be conflicts and disagreements from Shin’s side.

it is unlikely Shin will be alive in chapter 631. but we’ll be able to see the conversation between Shin and Kyou Kai.

thus doesn’t mean Shin won’t become the great General in the world. that’s what the next episodes will likely show us.

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Kingdom Chapter 631 Scans (Updates) :

kingdom chapter 631
kingdom chapter 631
Kingdom chapter 631

Kingdom Chapter 631 Release date and where to Read online.

Kingdom Chapter 631 will be featured in Weekly Young Jump, which will be released on Thursday, February 13th. you can read the chapter here or here (we’ll update the links once the chapter is added, stay tuned).

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