Top 10 Black Clover Openings, Ranked

Ey up. One of the things Black Clover excels at is opening themes. Basically all of them are bangers, so ranking them wasn’t as easy as it may seem. These are all my own opinion, before some inevitable complaints of How could you put this song so low everyone loves it

10. Miyuna – Gamushara (OP5)

It’s not a bad song, it’s just it came after Kumi Koda’s Guess Who Is Back, and doesn’t quite come up to the same level as it. But a decent song in of itself nonetheless.

9. GIRLFRIEND – Sky & Blue (OP9)

Again nothing wrong with it, it’s a really nice song. Just hard to rank after OP5, so this slightly looses out to the others. It did feel a bit ironic to put this song in at the beginning of the finale of the Elf Saga, when things are cranking up and mayhem is about to ensue, yet this is a very…..chill and happy song.

8. BiSH – PAiNT it BLACK (OP2)

I feel this one is somewhat under-rated. It’s a great song, and I really love the drums on it in particular. It’s just never one that’s brought up amongst favourite openings, and I get why it’s hard to pick when they’re all great. But at the same time I feel it could do with a bit more love.

7. Vickeblanka – Black Rover (OP3)

And now for the first controversial pick. Why so low? I like it, I just don’t love it as much as everyone else does. It’s a good song and felt like a nice change from the previous two openings, and a generally pleasant opening.

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6. Kankakupiero – Rakugaki Page (OP6)

It’s a right good un, and the bass just before the chorus kicks in rips like heck. The Tournaments Arc was one of the best arcs of the series thus far, with the Black Bulls jumping in to save Finral being the highlight of the entire arc.

5. Vickeblanka – Black Catcher (OP10)

The two versions of this make for a very nice transition from the darker tone of the end of the finale of the Elf Saga, and the lighter tone of the beginning of the new arc, which currently is in comedy-centric glory. The song has a really nice bounce to it, the way this guy writes piano has a great knack for catchiness.

4. Kankakupiero – Haruka Mirai (OP1)

Ah, the victory song. A staple of Shonen, and with good reason. Most shows make a specific theme for the heroes, but this time they decided to just use the first opening. And to be fair it still does the job, it gets you hyped for the hero to win, cos when boss music plays you know the villain is going down………except when Licht handed Asta and Yuno’s asses to them. Honestly initially I didn’t think much of it at first, but like the show, it’s grown on me a lot over the time I’ve watched the show. Probably helps that it’s played at basically all the most hyped moments of the series thus far.

3. Seiko Oomori – JUSTadICE (OP7)

AKA the one opening to play for more than 10 episodes. And with good reason, the chorus hits like Asta slamming his Demon Slayer Sword in Vetto. It’s catchy as all hell, and the way it builds from verse to chorus is brilliant. It’s hard to pick a favourite version of this opening seeing as there’s four different ones, but the version that plays during the Patry vs Julius battle may just take the lead for me.

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I wish this song had played for longer, it’s pure hype in it’s best form. It’s big, bombastic and has enough bounce to knock the elf reincarnation out of any possessed mage. As much as I like Sky & Blue, this was the kind of amped up hype opening I wanted when the finale of the Elf Saga began

1. Kumi Koda – Guess who is Back (OP4)

I said this in the Best Fights post, but i’ll say it again here; what I love about this song and arc was the whole thing felt like a declaration to the world that they were not to be dismissed, this series is here to stand with the big guns loud and proud, and they have the quality to back up this claim. The song marches in and declares, not asks, this and has continued to back this up ever since with hype moment after hype moment each and every arc since.

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