Black Clover Chapter 243 Spoilers, Predictions, Read Online?

Ey up guys, we’ve just got chapter 242, so here is what we think about it and all you need to know about Black clover chapter 243 Spoilers, Prediction, and release date.

Black Clover Chapter 242 Discussion :

So basically the entire chapter is the Black Bulls versus Dante. And it goes…….about as well as you’d expect. First, he deflects all the mirror clones, then decides to up his Devil usage to 60%. He slams Asta to the floor with his Gravity Magic, and Vanessa tries to use Rouge to defend Asta but he unravels Rouge. Which is insane seeing as Rouge is meant to be able to manipulate the Thread of Fate and he beat that. Then some gross comment to Vanessa (that’s how you know he’s a villain, he’s a pig yeeey…nat). Then pins down everyone with Gravity, and has a brief chat with Asta about what it means to be human. Basically he thinks being human is enough of an excuse to be a dickhead. Which I guess is somewhat accurate……but anyway he then goes and pushes all their buttons by stabbing Gauche with an unnecessarily large sword cos why not be extra I guess. And with this Asta snaps and oh boy is the finale sweet; Asta with 3 horns, using more of his devil powers than ever looking pretty rabid at this.

Black clover Chapter 243

What’ interesting is the brief panel of some random person saying “My…dear son…..” So I think that was Asta’s mum? I didn’t expect it but I can’t think of anything else it could be. I really liked this chapter as a whole, seeing Dante curb stomp the Black Bulls was pretty much how I expected it to go down, and this certainly delivered in that regard

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Black Clover Chapter 243 Predictions

I don’t think Gauche is going to die. Sure that wound normally would, but this is Shonen we’re dealing with so he’ll probably find some way to survive. Charmy or Mimosa may turn up and pull him through at the last minute would be my guess. As long as Grey remains unharmed i’ll be happy, there’s too much potential in her character to waste in a death.

Asta will still lose I think, but it’s gonna be a bit more difficult I think. You’d wonder why Dante would push him to this if it makes it a harder victory, but I guess it’s to make it a more interesting fight for him. Oh how to toy with your prey. I guess we’ll see more of Asta’s past potentially, which I’m interested to see but have no idea about really but am certainly intrigued to see.

Dante was originally here for Yami, who is apparently at a Captain’s Meeting. I hope we see some of this either next chapter or at some point soon. I don’t think Dante will take on all the Captains, though I think he could at this point. But I hope when we see the meeting we found out if there is a new Wizard King, and who it is. My guess is Fuegoleon, and Julius remains as an advisor. Also, we get constant new members, and what I’d like to see is some of the Squads vice-captains. We’ve already met a few, but not all. I’m mostly saying this cos I want to see who Rill’s second-in-command is, cos considering how carefree he is I could see the vice-captain being a more stern character, perhaps a Nano Ise-Shunsui Kyoraku style relationship. Also who Jack would pick for his S-I-C cos either they’ll be very straight-laced or also a maniac. Also, it’s a good way to world-build some more

So Vanica has entered the Heart Kingdom with her Dark Disciples. This will be insane to see, she’s clearly powerful if Tabata is leaving her to the end, but also she has to face the entire Heart Kingdom, Noelle, Mimosa, Luck, Leopold, Loropechika and Undine and Gaja and the other Spirit Guardians to face. This is going to be chaos.

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Black Clover Chapter 243 Release date and where to read online :

The series is featured on MangaPlus and chapter 243 should be available on 15 March 2020. Meanwhile, Chapter 242 can be found Here.

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