Edens Zero Chapter 87 Spoilers Predictions, and Discussion

Hello, here to discuss the latest chapter of Eden’s Zero, Chapter 86: EZ-Attack. If you aren’t caught up with the series and want to avoid spoilers, feel free to catch up before reading on. A link to where you can read the latest chapters will be provided down below.

Edens Zero Chapter 86 Discussion (Recap) :

Staring off this chapter the events at the end of Chapter 71: Steel Witch. With the trio of infiltrators on the ground and Witch in the same pose, with the addition of the surprised faces of Shiki and Weisz. Pretty funny since they didn’t get to see Witch in action in the previous timeline. Much to the dismay of the infiltrator trio, their secret plans to play dead are revealed by Rebecca. I love the shocked expression the cowboy robot skeleton has, defiantly one of my favorite characters despite his little screen time.

With the three taken care of, Rebecca reveals her future knowledge to the rest of the crew, basically recapping the information and characters we were introduced to in earlier this arc. They bring up the mystery of how did Drakken know about Rebecca’s powers, revealing that it’s possible Master Noah told him. Only to bring in a follow up question of how does Master Noah about the power… with no real answer. It looks like Rebecca’s power and Master Noah are going to be a mystery for a while. Another funny moment during the briefing however, was when Shiki found out he couldn’t stand a chance against the upgraded Jinn. Sister brings up the possibility of Jinn switching sides if the help him with her powers, future friend and rival for Shiki?

With all the future knowledge Shiki comes up with a new strategy against Drakken, a full frontal assault! With everyone in the crew working together to attack they should have a better chance than the previous timeline. The Eden’s Zero rams into the city ship, with an amazing two page spread. They also had a cool panel with all of them ready to fight, although the pilot guy is missing. He hasn’t been completely forgotten since he was in Chapter 83 when everyone was captured, so I wonder if he’s still going to play a role in this assault.

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Edens Zero Chapter 87

The chapter closes off with a shot of Drakken and Shiki. Drakken expresses his intent to kill all of them for underestimating him, and leave only no.30 alive. Wait, no.30? Previously he referred to Rebecca as no.29 why did the number change? The mystery of Rebecca thickens, perhaps she doesn’t just jump in time but jump to different timelines. Her power is called “Cat Leaper” maybe it’s a reference to Schrodinger’s Cat?

Edens Zero Chapter 87 Predictions :

To be continued, chapter 87 is titled 4 vs. 4, so it looks like we’re getting the element 4 fighting against four people from Eden’s Zero. I’m thinking that it’s not going to be a team of 4 fighting together though, they’re probably going to split into four individual fights.

But who is going to fight who? The Eden’s Zero crew have 8 people (not including the pilot, happy, and pino) so either they’re doubling up during their fights or four people are sitting out. So it’s probably going to be the four stars of Eden’s Zero against the element 4.

Edens Zero Chapter 87 Release date and where to Read online :

Eden Zero Chapter is already out and can be found Here.

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