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Ey up guys. My sister’s back so been getting her watch Queer Eye with me, as I binged the whole thing like a month ago and it’s the best thing I watched for ages. Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 270 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 269 Discussion:

So the chapter starts with Asta picking up Liebe’s Ki and noting the anger, hatred and sadness within it. He then resolves to win anyway, and when Liebe shoots the swords at him he dodges and lands a punch on Liebe’s face. Nacht realises that whilst Anti-Magic cancels out magic, as Asta has no magic to cancel out the odds are somewhat evened out. Liebe then brings out Demon-Dweller and Demon Destroyer too, but as he tries to bring out Yami’s Katana Asta grabs it and continues to dodge the other swords.

We then get a continuation of Liebe’s flashback stating how his power and hate of the Devils grew whilst trapped inside the Grimoire and eventually manifested his Anti-Magic powers. It then jumps forward to when Asta found the Grimoire and how he planned to use Asta as a vessel to enact his revenge.

He then launches another attack at Asta who again dodges by reading Liebe’s Ki and being able to predict his movements. He then emulates Yami’s techniques taking out Liebe’s last sword. We then see characters Asta has battled with/or against (Yami, Licht, Fanzel, Kiato and Mars) as he comments how it has helped him become better as a fighter and swordsman before he finally manages to strike Liebe.

After the emotional barrage of last week, this almost felt light in comparison. Not to say that it was bad as it most definitely wasn’t. If anything it was better for it, to balance out the darkness of last week, with this week’s chapter having a more victorious and positive feel. I feel bad for Liebe for losing but he has no actual hand to hand fighting skills which is no surprise compared to Asta who has had nothing but his own skills to rely upon. Plus if Liebe wins Asta would be killed, and this way he can prove to Liebe that whilst Anger and Hatred can be good weapons for fighting, if fully given into it won’t always work in your favour the same way and utilising them to the right degree is better for achieving the best victory.

Black Clover Chapter 270 Spoilers & Predictions:

I think this is probably the end of the fight, and now we will see the rest of the ceremony. What does this mean for both Liebe and Asta? It’s likely the Ritual will entail Asta being able to use much more of Liebe’s power without trouble with control. Thing is, Asta being Asta I don’t think he’d just take this and run with it. He’d try to find some way so that Liebe isn’t being “held prisoner,” try and find a way to talk it out with him and perhaps befriend him more.

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Not a straight Talk no Jutsu cos duh but given what we know of each I feel it’s likely Asta will be able to get him to co-operate more accordingly, perhaps it will start off with Liebe holding a grudge and being a grump before eventually softening up as is the way with Shonen inner demons. Also once/if Lucifero is defeated Liebe will probably cool down a bit having avenged Licita.

I wonder how Nacht will react to all this. Probably slag off both of them, Liebe for being weak and Asta for being sloppy or something like that. We may skip over to one of the others, perhaps find out what the Elves have planned for their kids training or see Mimosa react to the massacre of the Golden Dawn I feel that should’ve happened already. Maybe we’ll go to the Black Bulls base see how they’re dealing with all this. Who knows we might finally see Magna and Zora again, hell we haven’t seen them for about a year now at this point it’s getting odd now.

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Black Clover Chapter 270 Release date:

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